The DORA regulation


Regulations Series – DORA – Ep.1 Starter Handbook In a bid to shield the financial sector from the ever-growing dangers brought on by digital vulnerabilities, the Digital Operational Resilience Act […]

Reshaping Identification


The Basics of Biometric Innovations If you’re an Apple user like me, you might recall the days of pressing your index finger onto your iPhone’s start button to unlock it. […]

The Dawn of GenAI

Chronicle of the “GenAI: Ready to tackle tomorrow?” conference by Deloitte[1] A Prelude to Tomorrow’s Odyssey Generative AI (GenAI), the latest frontier in artificial intelligence, transcends traditional data analysis to […]

The Treacherous Waters of Phishing

The Treacherous Waters of Phishing article

Drifting in Digital Tides According to the Luxembourg House of Cybersecurity (LHC)[1], the primary danger concealed by the digital waves is phishing. Cunning pirates on the cyber seas weave intricate […]

Navigating the Perils of the Vast Cyber Seascape

Navigating the Perils of the Vast Cyber Seascape

In the picturesque haven of Davos, enveloped by the shimmering Landwasser, the 2023 World Economic Forum unfolded, echoing sailor’s warnings of an imminent storm; the escalating menace of cyberattacks. INTERPOL’s […]

The DLT Transformation: Luxembourg’s FinTech Leap

The DLT Transformation: Luxembourg's FinTech Leap

Executive Summary: Luxembourg’s financial sector is poised for groundbreaking transformation with Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). Blockchain’s transparent and instant transactions revolutionize securities ecosystem. Success relies on strategic planning, education, collaboration, […]

White Paper

The AI Revolution In Financial Services

White paper How artificial intelligence is transforming the financial services industry, from portfolio management to AML compliance This white paper, prepared and written by VitalBriefing explores the impact of AI […]
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