Our Ecosystem

The Beating
Heart of Europe

Luxembourg is one of the Eurozone’s leading financial centre and the second largest investment fund centre in the world. Luxembourg is a strategic EU location with easy access to Paris, London, Zürich, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and Brussels amongst many key EU locations.

Our Innovators

The residents of our innovation hub and our Fellow members form an incredible community of solution providers that are driving innovation in Financial Services.

Our mentors

At the LHoFT, we strive to support and cultivate expertise in our community. Mentors with specialised and proven skills in key disciplines such as marketing, leadership, sales, tech, innovation, accounting, and fundraising provide invaluable insight to many Fintech firms in the Luxembourg ecosystem.
Here are just some of the amazing people that are making themselves and their experience available to help the LHoFT’s members drive forward.

Corporate Partners

At the LHoFT, we recognize that every firm has unique needs. That’s why we collaborate with our institutional and corporate partners to create tailored support programs that meet their specific requirements.

Whether you need assistance with scouting for Fintech solutions, brainstorming and advice for innovation, investment opportunities, support for innovation development, access to industry trends and insights, or exclusive invitations to events related to financial technology, the LHoFT is committed to helping you throughout your innovation journey.

Associate Partner

A range of service providers such as Lawyers, Recruitment Firms and Fiduciaries work with the LHoFT to access and support our growing community of Fintech firms.

International Collaborators (MoU - Talent Route)

The LHoFT is a proud member of the Talent Route, the largest consortium of fintech hubs in Europe, with 17 innovation hubs and representing more than 3000 fintechs.

The LHoFT Value Chain

initiatives publiques
incubateurs et accélérateurs privés
autres initiatives
  • Aide au démarrage couvrant la phase de démarrage (Fit4Start) et la phase de croissance (Aide aux jeunes entreprises innovantes)
  • Les grandes entreprises peuvent bénéficier d’aides couvrant leurs dépenses de R&D pour des développements au Luxembourg
  • 150 millions d’euros Luxembourg Future Fund
  • Digital Tech Fund d’investisseurs publics et privés
  • Financement par capital- risque
  • Les business angels luxembourgeois
  • Prêts innovants des banques, tels que :
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