Fintech Campus Corporate PLUS welcomes BGL – BNP Paribas (Wealth Management)

Fintech Campus Corporate PLUS in partnership with BGL - BNP Paribas! A specialized event to discover and experience the latest innovations in Fintech for banking and wealth management - Wednesday, December 6, 2023. Special thanks to Arnaud Clément, CIO of the Wealth Management Luxembourg of BGL BNP Paribas, for his generous support in making this […]

Fintech Friday – Xmas celebration

The LHoFT Foundation 9, rue du Laboratoire L-1911 Luxembourg

It's the season to celebrate the achievements and innovations of the year in style ! We're thrilled to extend our warmest invitation to you for the Fintech Friday - Xmax Celebration, an event that promises an evening filled with festive cheer, insightful conversations, and a touch of fun with our Ugly Jumper Contest. Join us […]

Luxembourg - The epicenter of the Tokenization Era Whitepaper
White Paper

Luxembourg : The Epicenter Of The Tokenization Era Whitepaper

White paper Discover our white paper on integrating blockchain technology into the realm of securities. We explore how distributed ledger technology (DLT) addresses the limitations of traditional systems, enhancing transparency, efficiency, and security. The white paper also spotlights Luxembourg’ pioneering legal framework supporting DLT. Learn about the boundless possibilities that blockchain technology offers!
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