Luxembourg House of Financial Technology: The LHoFT

The LHoFT Foundation

The LHoFT Foundation is a not-for-profit initiative supported by the public and private sectors to drive innovation and digitalization in Luxembourg’s financial services industry. As the national platform and central hub for Fintech, we are committed to connecting the domestic and international communities to tackle challenges and seize opportunities that will ensure the financial industry’s continued competitiveness. Our goal is to foster collaboration, encourage experimentation, and support the development of cutting-edge financial technology solutions that will drive growth and prosperity in Luxembourg and beyond.


The LHoFT engages with and supports the growth of the domestic FinTech ecosystem in Luxembourg and works to extend that ecosystem internationally. We drive innovation, collaboration, ideation, and creation within the ecosystem, helping to build the economy of tomorrow and supporting new businesses as they establish and grow. Our co-working facility is a central hub for the vibrant FinTech community. We sit on a variety of domestic and international advisory boards and working groups, contributing to policy development that shapes the future of financial services.


The LHoFT works closely with traditional financial services firms to identify pain points, inefficiencies, and opportunities that can be addressed with new technologies. We connect these firms with solution providers, advise on strategy, and in some cases, build project teams to develop mutual capabilities for the industry or specific financial services sectors. We advance digital transformation in the financial services industry in Luxembourg.


The LHoFT identifies knowledge gaps in the FinTech and broader financial services ecosystem and delivers tailored education, both independently and in partnership with others. We build awareness within the Luxembourg community of new trends, products, and solutions, enhancing engagement and decision-making processes. We work with various stakeholders in Luxembourg to promote Luxembourg’s FinTech initiatives globally, building awareness and new business links.

Our Board Members

The LHoFT board of Directors is made up of senior decision-makers representing the financial services industry, the Luxembourg Government, and key associations.
Gilles Roth
Minister of Finance Luxembourg
Philippe Seyll
Vice Chairman
CEO Clearstream
Frédéric Becker
Ministry of Economy Luxembourg
Max Gindt
Ministry of State Luxembourg

Associate Partners

Our Team

Our team is passionate, professional, motivated, and open to helping and collaborating.
Nasir Zubairi
Alex Panican
Deputy CEO
Christophe Regnault
Head of Marketing
Dilek Ayaydin-Batal
Head of Administration
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