Fintech Incubation


Build and scale your Fintech from the EU’s leading international financial centre. The LHoFT provides a variety of hosting solutions for your firm and your employees. The LHoFT provides hands-on support in the form of advice, promotions and in accessing events, mentors, capital and customers, in Luxembourg and across the EU, to the firms resident in our incubator.

Access To A Powerful And Valuable Network:

Be part of a thriving Fintech community in Luxembourg, with over 80 firms hosted at our innovation centre. Get connected to Venture Capital and other funding opportunities through our extensive network in Luxembourg, across Europe and the rest of the world. Leverage warm introductions to key stakeholders and decision makers for the development of your activities in Luxembourg and Europe.


Get valuable exposure through exclusive access to events within Luxembourg and abroad. The LHoFT has participated in over 300 industry events across the world over the past five years, and will secure privileged access to tickets, to stands/booths and to on-stage opportunities such as pitches, panel discussions and keynotes, for our Fintech ecosystem. At large industry events, such as SIBOS, Singapore Fintech Festival and Web summit, The LHoFT will work with partners to secure a large national pavilion for added impact, with a large delegation of attendees from Luxembourg’s Fintech community.

Business Development And Upskilling:

LHoFT residents and members have access to a wide variety of mentors and experts from Luxembourg’s financial services and entrepreneurial community. Mentors can provide crucial and valuable advice on strategies for development in Luxembourg and abroad. Fintech firms can also apply to our fast-track acceleration programmes, such as Catapult Kickstarter and Catapult Inclusion Africa, to help fine-tune and battle test their business models.

Modern, closed and secure office space available in a variety of sizes. perfect for fintech firms that require a private place to do business, particularly appropriate for firms seeking, or that are, regulated.

What you get:
The benefits:

Dedicated desk space in the open plan areas of our innovation hub, perfect for early stage firms or those just setting up in Luxembourg, allowing you to get going cost effectively while being part of the LHoFT incubator’s community.

What you get:
The benefits:

Flexible desk space in the open plan areas of our innovation hub, perfect for foreign firms who do business in Luxembourg for those exploring a Fintech business idea and wanting access to the LHoFT incubator’s community.

What you get:
The benefits:
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