Alicia Brun - Country manager - Up Luxembourg

Up Luxembourg will launch soon its digital Meal Vouchers service.

  • Up Luxembourg will launch in Luxembourg soon, following in the footsteps of Monizze, a true success story and pioneer of the Belgian Fintech and HRTech ecosystem since 2011.
  • Up Luxembourg’s ambition is to offer the best value-for-money service. Employers and retailers will benefit from a more transparent and 100% automatable service offering.

For many years now, the question of replacing the paper meal voucher in Luxembourg with a digital meal voucher has been in the headlines, with its many advantages in terms of cost, ease of use and ecology, both for merchants and employers and their employees.

The draft law presented on June 9 by the Luxembourg Ministry of Finance opens the door to digitizing Meal Vouchers within a clear legal framework, promoting competition and confirming a fundamental trend: the digitization of payments. In this context, Up Luxembourg, incorporated in May 2023, will launch in Luxembourg soon its service, following in the footsteps of Monizze, a true success story and pioneer in the Belgian Fintech and HRTech ecosystem since 2011.

Up Luxembourg facilitates the use of meal vouchers by digitizing them, considerably reducing the administrative management of employee benefits via a single card and platform. Up Luxembourg will also guarantee the best quality/price ratio on the market for all companies, whatever their size, to make life even simpler for employers, employees, merchants and their partners.

With Up Luxembourg, we are proud and motivated to energize a market which is in the hands of a duopoly. We congratulate the Luxembourg Ministry of Finance on implementing this reform to modernize and open up this market. Our ambition is to offer an ever more efficient, cost-effective, simple, secure, and innovative solution. I’m delighted to have taken the helm of Up Luxembourg, bringing the benefits of this cutting-edge HRTech to every employer, merchant, partner and employee in the Grand Duchy” explains Alicia Brun, Country Manager of Up Luxembourg.

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