SOPIAD & KeeSystem partner to enhance ESG investment analysis and reporting

SOPIAD & KeeSystem partner to enhance ESG investment analysis and reporting for wealth managers and private banks

In an unprecedented collaboration, KeeSystem integrates SOPIAD‘s client-centric ESG ratings into its portfolio management software KeeSense, offering unique capabilities for ESG investment analysis, consolidation, and reporting.

Luxembourg, March 21, 2024 – Sopiad is pleased to announce its partnership with KeeSystem to simplify and enhance the management, consolidation, and reporting of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) investments for its wealth manager and family office clients.

SAFIR, SOPIAD’s personalised portfolio diagnostic solution, is now seamlessly and directly integrated into KeeSystem’s portfolio management software KeeSense. Users benefit from a simplified user experience, with immediate access to SOPIAD’s service without the need for additional connectivity. A unified experience for an “augmented” wealth manager.

The integration takes place in two stages. First, from the client’s portfolio, the manager accesses the SOPIAD ESG questionnaire to capture the client’s sustainable preferences. The questionnaire has been designed to perfectly meet MIFID regulation and increase customer centricity. The following information will be collected:

  1. Sustainable contributions: As defined by the European taxonomy and/or by the SFDR regulation (sustainable investments) – see “education” section
  2. Main negative impacts, as defined by the SFDR regulation
  3. Sustainable Development Goals (optional question): selection among the seventeen objectives established by the member states of the United Nations

Once the ESG profiling is finalised, a diagnostic and a portfolio suitability report are generated based on the client’s ESG preferences.

From the SOPIAD solution, the manager can perform simulations of portfolio reallocations to improve alignment with the client’s sustainable preferences.

This successful association between the two companies will enable wealth managers to easily move from the risk/return due to the risk/return/sustainability trio when analysing their clients’ portfolios. Efficiently customising portfolios in a compliant and understandable manner is now possible.

ESG consolidation and reporting in just a few clicks:

From the KeeSense software, the wealth manager has access to the SOPIAD platform through 2 new tabs, one for determining the portfolio’s ESG profile, and the other for accessing the ESG diagnostic. The information is sent via API to the SOPIAD solution. In return, the user receives the client’s ESG profile with the 3 criteria and the portfolio suitability report. This information is then transcribed into the client report. Thanks to the bidirectional data flow, the user experience is optimised within a single environment, without any screen or window changes.

This partnership allows each company to combine their areas of expertise. While KeeSystem is a reference in financial data consolidation, SOPIAD brings its innovative and scientific approach to the field of sustainable preference profiling, ESG portfolio diagnosis, and monitoring, taking into account the sustainability aspect.

Today, the first client uses the KeeSense solution associated with SAFIR, SOPIAD’s personalised portfolio diagnostic solution. The integration of the two solutions enables this Paris-based independent wealth management consulting firm to meet and exceed its clients’ expectations in terms of ESG investments and reporting.

“Our partnership with SOPIAD marks an important step in our quest to offer cutting-edge solutions to our clients”, said David Crépin, Head of Development and Customer Relations at KeeSystem. “By combining our strengths, we will be able to offer products and services that surpass market expectations”.

SOPIAD is also delighted with this successful collaboration. “Combining the finesse and expertise of a portfolio management solution with that of a personalised investment portfolio diagnostic solution, where ESG is a fundamental pillar of its value proposition, represents a particularly relevant association for the wealth management market”, adds Pierre Nemeth, Chief Executive Officer of SOPIAD.


Founded in 2009, KeeSystem specialises in the digitalization of independent wealth management companies, private banks, and family offices worldwide. Its expertise in data integration and process automation makes it a preferred partner for industries relying on sensitive data. KeeSystem is based in Monaco, Geneva, and Luxembourg. About KeeSense KeeSense, a leading portfolio management software solution, helps wealth management professionals digitalize and automate their business. With a complete workspace, KeeSense covers all essential activities of wealth managers, from customer relationship management to administrative supervision. Facts & Figures:

  • 300+ users worldwide
  • 150+ connected custodian banks
  • 90% of our users connect to KeeSense every day.
  • 70% use it for more than 4 hours a day.


Launched in 2021 as a spin-off of HEC Liège, Management School of Liège, guided by seasoned wealth management experts and academic experts, SOPIAD aims to simplify investment decisions for non-professional investors. Since its inception, SOPIAD has been recognized as one of the 100 most innovative WealthTechs globally in 2022 and an innovative solution in 2023 awarded by the professional association of insurers and reinsurers established in Luxembourg. SOPIAD is a member of Fintech Belgium, the LHoFT (Luxembourg House of Financial Technologies), the ABBL (Association of Luxembourg Bankers), and the Village by CA (incubator of the Crédit Agricole group).


For more information, contact Sales: David Crépin [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) Marketing: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

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