The LHoFT Foundation’s Talent Month: a great success

The LHoFT Foundation’s Talent Month: a great success

The LHoFT initiative around Talent and Recruitment aims at supporting the creation of a talent pool to meet the Grand Duchy future needs for financial services, particularly in technology and innovation related fields.

Picture: LHoFT Talent Month events overview in London, Paris and Luxembourg in March 

The LHoFT Foundation (Luxembourg House of Financial Technology) is closing a very intense March month dedicated to Talent and Recruitment punctuated by recruitment forums, masterclasses and workshops held across Europe. Students, Fintech companies and large financial institutions had the opportunity to meet and discuss recruitment opportunities in Luxembourg and re-skilling needs and solutions. This initiative was also a great opportunity to shed light on the amazing financial institutions, Fintech firms and the incredibly talented people that choose to make Luxembourg their home.

The combination of a strong financial industry, access to engage decision makers and a fast-developing IT and Tech sectors makes Luxembourg a hotspot for Fintech in Europe. Developing customer needs and expectations, drive for efficiency and continued profitability are fundamentally changing the industry and increasing the demand for new skills. New financial technologies and solutions such as mobile payments, Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), Regtech, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data science, are key to the future competitiveness of financial services in Luxembourg and require new talent to drive competence.

Recruiting the right talent and re-skilling are a key concern for the institutions in Luxembourg and the former is of particular criticality to the fast-growing Fintech community. Hence the LHoFT, as part of its on-going efforts related to talent, dedicated March as Talent Month organising, sponsoring and attending events in Luxembourg, Paris and London.

Nasir Zubairi, CEO of the LHoFT commented: “Re-skilling and recruitment are key to the future of Luxembourg’s financial services industry; we need to ensure we have dynamic people with the drive, enthusiasm and the right skills and talent to be the foundation of our continued success. With the focus through our Talent Month, we connected with over 2,000 university students through LHoFT sponsored recruitment events in Luxembourg, Paris and London and 60 of our Fintech members attended across the 3 events. Along with partners and friends from the community such as DO Recruitment Advisors and ADEM (Agence pour le développement de l’emploi), we delivered several workshops at our facility to share and discuss best practices around recruitment process and re-skilling.”

Increasingly becoming a hub for job seekers and recruiters, the LHoFT will continue to collaborate with specialised partners to fulfil the needs of the Luxembourg market, helping to match Luxembourg based companies with the people required to drive their businesses forward, while also raising Luxembourg’s profile as a fantastic place to live and work.

Details of the Talent Month events:

  1. Luxembourg – 11th March 2019: Luxembourg Meet & Match Student Recruitment Forum where students from the University of Luxembourg had the opportunity to meetFintech members at the LHoFT. This event was sponsored by the Luxembourg-based fintech company Finologee, and supported by Incubator and the new associate partner of the LHoFT Do Recruitment Advisors.
  2. Paris – 14th March 2019: Forum Fintech Grandes Écoles et Universitésat Panthéon-Assas University Paris II where LHoFT members and partners had the opportunity to meet hundreds of students
  3. Luxembourg – 15th March 2019: The LHoFT organized a « 101 on Recruitment » Masterclass with Do Recruitment Advisors speaking about the full recruitment life cycle and how to proceed.
  4. London – 20th March 2019: Fintech companies and LHoFT members attended the London Fintech Conference 2019, Europe’s largest student-led conference on Financial Technology. Fintech firms had the opportunity to speak with over 800 students from some of the leading universities in the world. The LHoFT was the key sponsor of the event.
  5. Luxembourg – 21th March 2019: LHoFT organized in collaboration with the Luxembourg ́s public employment service (ADEM) a Masterclass introducing specific measures developed by the ADEM aiming at helping both candidates and employers to find their way in a constantly evolving labor market
  6. Luxembourg – 5th of April 2019:This is the last event planned by the LHoFT for the Luxembourg Fintech community where the participants will have the opportunity to test a premium AI driven active recruitment platformdeveloped in partnership with the German based company Moberries.

About the Luxembourg House of Financial Technologies (The LHoFT)

Тhe LHoFT Foundation (LHoFT) is a public/private national Fintech platform dedicated to federate and foster innovation within Luxembourg’s financial services community, ensuring its future competitiveness. The LHoFT serves as a soft-landing platform for Fintech that are looking to launch their activities in Luxembourg. Beyond incubation, the LHoFT creates value for the entire Luxembourg FinTech ecosystem: financial institutions, FinTech trailblazers, IT industry, research and academia as well as regulatory and public authorities.


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