Claude Meurisse appointed CEO of LUXHUB

Claude Meurisse appointed CEO of LUXHUB

Strassen, 15 May 2023 – Open Finance pioneer and innovative technologies expert Claude Meurisse has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of LUXHUB. In his new position, the CEO aims at strengthening LUXHUB’s position as a trailblazing Fintech company, and to further enable the digital transformation of the financial services industry notably through the extensive and secure use of valuable financial data.

The Board of Directors of LUXHUB received a large number of applications for the CEO position and conducted extensive interviews with highly qualified candidates. After careful consideration, they selected the individual they believe is the best fit to lead the company, which is helping the entire digital ecosystem to take advantage of the challenges and opportunities of Open Finance related initiatives.

Claude Meurisse is to fully embrace the role of CEO and will keep on developing LUHXUB’s brand at the local and international levels, cementing its position as one of the most innovative Open Finance companies in Europe.

The LUXHUB journey started with PSD2 compliance to quickly evolve and focus on other compliance products, financial data, payment solutions as well as API platform related services, always with mutualization as a leitmotiv. The company is considered a pioneering Open Finance company and will therefore keep on developing innovative services that
efficiently combine digital and data, and that are redefining the financial services industry as we know it today.

“Under my leadership, and with the help of my valuable colleagues, we want to build on the success of LUXHUB and ‘level up’: the goal is to be recognized as a focal point at the very center of the Open Finance ecosystem, and to continue helping financial institutions in their  digital and data journey through mutualization and innovation. This is what LUXHUB is all
about,” underlines the newly appointed CEO.

Jean Hilger, Chairman of the Board, highlights: “This choice is based on both the competence and the stability brought by the selected candidate. Claude is a seasoned tech and finance professional, who’s been one of the keys to the success of LUXHUB.

“As the company celebrates its fifth anniversary in 2023, we – the Board of Directors, authorized management and all internal experts – have to ambition to take LUXHUB to the next level, providing innovative Open Finance-powered solutions to any company willing to digitalize and smoothen its payment and financial data processes”.

A recognized Open Finance expert

Claude joined LUXHUB in May 2018, from the very inception of the Fintech company, after spending more than 20 years in the banking industry, most of his time with BGL BNP Paribas, where he held various tech positions.

His first LUXHUB challenge revolved around the implementation of a top-notch API platform enabling banks to embrace Open Banking within only 10 months – and comply with the Second Payment Services Directive. He has since then developed a very strong expertise around Open Banking, both on the regulatory and on the technical sides.

As COO, he was in charge of IT and Operations, and, from October 2023, also held the position of CEO ad interim. His areas of expertise and interest notably include business operations, digital innovation, IT contract negotiation, IT risks and security management, people and change management, project portfolio management, etc. Moreover, he is a member of STET working group (French API standard) and Berlin Group – Open Finance Advisory Group, a member of the “Collectif API Thinking” based in Paris, France.

As part of his mission, Claude Meurisse will work closely with the Executive Committee which remains composed, as of today, of Anne-Sophie Morvan as Chief Commercial Officer (in charge of Business & Legal Affairs), Marco Gasparini as Chief Governance Officer and Claude Meurisse as Chief Executive Officer. The committee will soon be completed by a Chief
Operating Officer (COO) whose recruitment is ongoing.

“The team might have evolved over the last months, but the motto and ambition stay the same: LUXHUB aims at shaping the future of finance, together with all stakeholders. We support the digital transformation of the financial services industry as well as its entry in the ever-growing data economy.

“I am confident that with our team of experts and through fruitful partnerships, we will succeed in bringing Open Banking – soon to become Open Finance – solutions to the European market, fitting the specific needs and requests of both companies and consumers,” concludes Claude Meurisse.


LUXHUB emerged from the combined vision of four major Luxembourgish banks – Banque Raiffeisen, BCEE, BGL BNP Paribas & POST Luxembourg – to become a key catalyst of the European financial industry’s evolution towards Open Finance.

Built on compliance; driven by innovation – although LUXHUB’s initial objective was to provide an efficient and effective PSD2 compliance product for financial institutions in Luxembourg and throughout Europe, the award-winning Fintech has always harbored ambitions far beyond this. Through innovation and collaboration, LUXHUB has already grown into one of
Europe’s leading Open Finance Hub and is a REGTECH100 2022 company.

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