Accelex Expands Product Line with Automated Private Debt and Securities Extraction Solution

Accelex Expands Product Line with Automated Private Debt and Securities Extraction Solution

 London, 29 June 2023 – Accelex, a technology company specializing in alternative investment data acquisition, reporting and analytics, has launched coverage of private debt and instrument-level data extraction for institutional investors and asset servicers. Investors in private market funds can now streamline data extraction for investments across multiple levels of the capital structure and across different funding rounds.

Debt investing introduces questions around redemption priority and creates obligations for timing and amount of payments for interest and principal. That data provides valuable insights into relative performance and potential risks for private asset investors. Beyond private debt exposure, multiple equity financing rounds create different return profiles that can provide investors with a crucial understanding of return performance relative to risk.

“In a less benign monetary environment, investors in private market funds are looking to better understand their exposures, investment risks and drivers of performance, especially for private debt strategies. Accelex’s clients have been asking us to help them extract granular data that gives insights into the risk and return characteristics of the full capital structure of the underlying assets,” said Nicole Weder, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Accelex.

The private debt and securities extraction capability is the latest in a series of extensions to Accelex’s data extraction technology to dynamically surface data from unstructured fund reporting documents. Accelex’s proprietary AI and machine learning technology enables users to classify documents and extract actionable data quickly, accurately, and securely with an audit trail, allowing more time to focus on making better-informed real-time investment decisions. The platform also maps instruments’ metrics to reference data, providing a consistent time series of securities performance across the network of investment relationships in a portfolio. Furthermore, instrument-level data can be fed to the analytics platform for cohort analysis and benchmarking performance at different investment stages or across security types.

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About Accelex 

Founded in 2018, Accelex provides data acquisition, analytics and reporting solutions for alternative investors and asset servicers, enabling firms to access the full potential of critical investment performance and transaction data. Powered by proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, Accelex solutions automate processes for extraction, analysis and sharing of difficult-to-access unstructured data. Accelex is headquartered in London, with offices in Paris, Luxembourg, New York, and Toronto. 


Media Contact 

Frank Chatzigeorgiou – Accelex – [email protected] 

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