The Power of Gender Inclusion - Championing women in finance and technology in Luxembourg: Part 3

The Power of Gender Inclusion – Championing women in finance and technology in Luxembourg: Part 3

If you’ve been following our latest blog series, you know we’re committed to taking on the challenge of closing the gender gap. However, this can’t be done alone but rather through the power of a collective, COMMUNITY.

To gain a better sense of why we’re hyper focused on gender inclusion, read the first post of our series explaining the challenges women face. If you’re nodding your head ‘yes’ to all the challenges outlined (gender pay gap, lack of role models, etc), the second post includes perspectives from H.E. Yuriko Backes, Luxembourg Minister of Finance and Julie Becker, CEO of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange among others on how to foster change.

In partnership with KnowThyBrand, an accredited social enterprise that offers business and personal branding solutions to empower female entrepreneurs and women in business, we’re continuing the conversation and learning about ways to build a society where women actually have equal opportunities.

In 2020, it would have taken about 100 years to close the gender gap. Today it will take 136 years. Why? The speakers joining us for the event will be instrumental in answering this.

The event takes place on the 13th of June at the Big Bang at LHoFT.

As touched upon, our keynote speakers will share their experiences and practical steps they have taken both personally and professionally (leading their companies) to mitigate gender gap challenges.

Nonetheless, the conversation doesn’t stop with the speakers. Our attendees will be also invited to discuss some of the key topics, especially those tied to identifying the barriers they experience the most and the uphill battle, so to speak, they face to make a long lasting change.

We will be sharing our key findings and takeaways from this event with you in the coming weeks, subscribe to our newsletter to never miss an update!

The Author 

Darya Niknamian is a freelance writer and advocate of gender equality. For the last 10 years she has worked in the female empowerment space in North America, Asia and Europe. Her initiatives have provided hundreds of women with the tools and resources to take on leadership positions, found companies and ask for fairer salaries and working opportunities. 



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