A Conversation with Sonia Koulikoff, Recruitment Manager at DO Recruitment

As a part of LHoFT Talent Month, we’re approaching the issue of recruiting technology talent from all angles. In our last article we looked at it from the perspective of a company, and what they offer (and look for in) potential recruits. This time we’re getting input from the experts in matching talent with roles that need to be filled. How can both sides of the equation improve their chances for the best outcome?

We spoke to Sonia Koulikoff, Recruitment Manager at DO Recruitment, a LHoFT associate partner:

What are you looking for when evaluating a potential candidate?

When we are looking at evaluating potential candidates, we always ask the question, does this person really want this job and if so, why?

Our first step is really to determine the motivation of the individual. If the person does not show this drive or interest in the job or in the company, there is no point in pursuing the candidate. Once we are convinced this is a “go”, we move to the next question, can they do the job? Do they have the technical ability and the intelligence to do the job and to do it well,  does it fit with their motivation? We focus on past experience and ask detailed questions on the job they have done in the past and / or their academic endeavours.

The third element that comes into play is the personality of the person, is this a fit with the culture of our client? This is a very pertinent part of the interview where to explore the personality of the individual and their behavioural aspects.

How can workplaces be made more attractive for Candidates?

Knowing that the average person spends more than 90 000 hours in their lifetime at work, the more attractive the workplace is, the better. Candidates today are even more demanding than ever, they want to work in a positive zone, somewhere where they enjoy spending time.

There are so many elements to making the workplace more attractive, from the aesthetics of the office itself, to the on-site services the company offers. Today employees are looking for an open-minded environment, they are looking for flexibility, open communication, a sense of community and belonging.

But over and above all this, what is attractive to people today is an organisation that is people centric, looking at how their people can bring value to the organisation. A company encouraging new ideas, where employees can learn, where they can be challenged, a workplace that values professional and career advancement, where both the employees and the company grow and prosper together.

What is the main incentive that you highlight to a candidate regarding moving to Luxembourg?

The Crémant of course! And for those who need additional enticement we can pull a few more tricks out of the bag…

  • Like the dynamic, vibrant, forward thinking, quirky, multicultural country that it is.
  • The  beautiful landscape, magical castles, art galleries, amazing museums.
  • The incredible mix of cultures.
  • The Philharmonie concert hall and the array of local and national theatres all provide delights on the theatrical, dance and musical front.
  • The income tax rates that are lower than most European countries, the excellent healthcare system, the wonderful standard of living, the clean, safe and secure environment.
  • The stable government and economy.
  • The progressive and forward-thinking local mind-set , the ease at which one can network from a business perspective.
  • The access you can have to people in the highest echelons of government without difficulty, because of the size and intimacy of Luxembourg, decisions can be quickly made.

… What is there not to highlight about this great country?

What are the common misconceptions about Tech profiles?

Being called a techy in the past was usually not very glorifying. But now that every aspect of our lives is dominated by digitization, nerds are no longer nerds, they are now the cool kids in town!

Hiring great IT and Tech talent is one of the biggest challenges faced by Fintech companies.

We have decided to tackle this issue, dedicating March to the LHoFT Talent Month where we will organize, sponsor and attend several student recruitment forums, masterclasses and workshops across Europe.

Check below for our list of events – and keep an eye on our events section. Send a email to [email protected] if you have any questions!




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