Fintech Friday in Luxembourg

Back at the beginning of June 2018, the 11:FS media team – producers of the Fintech Insider podcast – visited the LHoFT for the Grand Opening of our new residence, the House of Startups.

For one evening, they took over an office, using the event as an opportunity to speak to many prominent members of Luxembourg’s Fintech ecosystem. At the time, Luxembourg was described as ‘the biggest Fintech hub you’ve never heard of’, but was embarking on a journey to build its global reputation.

9 months later, the 11:FS Media Team returned to an ecosystem booming with many prominent global Fintech companies, as more founders choose Luxembourg as their core European base.

While not a ‘Grand Opening’, it was still an important occasion – a special edition of Fintech Friday (Luxembourg’s coolest Fintech networking event), bringing together Fintech entrepreneurs, executives, investors, and representatives from across the world of finance and politics.

Check out our Facebook album from the event

Laura Watkins, Fintech Insider host, got the key insights from Pierre Gramegna, (Luxembourg Finance Minister); Nasir Zubairi, CEO of the LHoFT; Susanne Schartz, Chief Operating Officer at Seqvoia; Alberto Dalmasso, Co-Founder and CEO of Satispay; and Luc Falempin, CEO at Tokeny. The Satispay team were on the road to receive their authorization as an Electronic Money Institution from the Luxembourg regulator, while the Tokeny team were celebrating the launch of their InvestorID solution, allowing investors to compliantly access tokenized securities.

Thank you to the 11:FS team for coming back to Luxembourg, and for such an interesting and thoughtful follow up of the LHoFT ecosystem!



The LHoFT Foundation

The LHoFT Foundation is a not-for-profit initiative supported by the public & private sector to drive innovation for, and digitialisation of Luxembourg’s financial services industry. The LHoFT is the national platform and central hub for Fintech, working to connect the domestic and international community to solve challenges and address opportunities that will ensure the Financial Industry’s continued competitiveness.

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