The Fintech Fight Club Stories

Fintech Fight Club Stories

Fintech Fight Club aka the “FFC Luxembourg”, organized by Farvest and LHoFT Teams, will take place on May 22nd from 16:00 to 18:00 to end at its best ICT Spring, the major global tech conference.

In Luxembourg, the whole Fintech community and beyond is committed to move forward together with  one promise for which Luxembourg stands: “Let’s make it happen”.

FFC Luxembourg is about going against normalcy and the safe little bubble we have become accustomed to living in. With the commitment and energy of our Fighters, we support and back up 2 awesome charities:

The FFL (Fondation Follereau Luxembourg) is an NGO-D which concentrates its activities on community health and help for children in distress in 9 different countries from the African continent. Your contribution to the association will permit to build a maternity in Benin;

L’Ile aux Clowns is an asbl which has for primary objective to bring cheerfulness, joy and smiles to people facing, temporarily or not, hard living conditions. The clowns take action in hospital environments as well as in any other social and health establishment or structure. They are available for both children and seniors.

To dive into this exciting adventure and create an impact for those 2 awesome charities, we want you to know better the fighters, their stories, their strengths, their fears and their aspirations.

  • Kamel “The Beast“ Amroune  vs Alex “The Punisher” Panican
  • Bert “The Governor” Boerman vs Antony “The rebellion” Martini
  • Gosia “Legendary” Kramer vs Alice “Million Dollar Baby” Danoy
  • Philip Grother “The Northern Viking” vs Christophe Bianco “The Cyber Hero”
  • David Foy vs David Furcajg
  • Nicolas Sansonnnet vs Turan Daglayan

For the first fight, meet Kamel “The Beast“ Amroune vs Alex “The Punisher” Panican

Kamel “The Beast“ Amroune has developed a superhuman physical strength and agility, giving him abilities far beyond the limits of a normal person. Kamel “The Beast“ Amroune dedicated his superhero life to build, inform and entertain targeted audience mastering the art of rhetoric. Excellent hand-to-hand combatant, quicker as a cat and employing a unique style of acrobatic combat, Kamel “The Beast“ Amroune is ready to take up the fight and bring home the victory. How far will it go?

Alex “The Punisher” Panican wages a one-man war on inequality and injustice. Skilled in hand-to-hand combat and guerrilla warfare the “Romanian Punisher” is solving problems with one philosophy: “When in doubt, hit back hard”. If there’s anything to understand is this world, he chose to fight for the good and pursue it wholeheartedly. Fearless and forceful, Alex “The Punisher” Panican is ready to take up the fight and bring home the victory. How far will it go?

For the second fight, meet Bert “The Governor” Boerman vs Antony “The Rebellion” Martini

Bert “The Governor” Boerman rules over a vast Data Empire stretching from the kingdom of the Netherlands up to the Grand Duchy. Athletic, and a hard worker with decisive style, Boerman “The Governor” is known for his keen blue eyesight, and is in total control of pushing himself to  his full potential for better results. An artist at his craft, quick on the draw, Boerman “The Governor” is ready to take up the fight and bring home the victory.

Antony “The Rebellion” Martini is on the march, driven by an unflinching, unwavering and steadfast commitment to greatness. The old order has crumbled and now Antony “The Rebellion” Martini walks a more enlightened path, a path that excludes no one, free of rough or tortuous stretches, ready to enter the new world. Highly motivated and hard-working, Antony “The Rebellion” Martini is a competitive athlete ready to take up the fight and bring home the victory.


For the third fight, meet Gosia “Legendary” Kramer vs Alice “Million Dollar Baby” Danoy

Gosia “Legendary” Kramer left behind a conventional sort of life to nurture new places to work and ideate in the heart of the Grand Duchy. Special emissary for entrepreneurship, she instigates positive human connections, fostering generous collaboration. Gosia “Legendary” Kramer is an iron lady wearing a velvet glove, dedicated to make it happen. Bold, strong, believing in the power of togetherness as a catalyst for transformation, Gosia “Legendary” Kramer is ready to take up the fight and bring home the victory.

Alice “Million Dollar Baby” Danoy is in the place, determined to use her boxing skills to rise above and beyond. Helping innovative companies to run and grow on a daily basis, Alice “Million Dollar Baby” embodies four key attributes of athletic excellence, as she is strategic, genuine, competitive and diligent. Fierce and focused, the underdog Alice “Million Dollar Baby” Danoy is ready to take up the fight and bring home the victory.


For the fourth fight, meet Philip Grother “The Northern Viking” vs Christophe Bianco “The Cyber Hero”

Philip “The Northern Viking” Grother is set to make waves during Fintech Fight Club. The fire-bearded warrior is driven by an insatiable hunger to improve the audacious environment in which he works, connecting innovative companies with savvy investors. Despite a core of compassion in his robust stature, Philip Grother “The Northern Viking” distinguished himself through his courage, his strength, and his willingness, ready to take up the fight and bring home the victory.

Christophe “The Cyber Hero” Bianco is discreet but powerful. A shadow soldier fighting back day after day against cyber attacks, helping his community to take the right decisions in developing, implementing and managing their own security. Thinking ahead, highly trained and hyper-aware, Christophe Bianco “The Cyber Hero” will always keep an eye on the gloves, ready to take up the fight and bring home the victory.


For the fifth fight, meet David Foy aka “The Digital Distroyer” vs David Furcajg “Dark Knight David”



David “The Digital Destroyer” Foy is fighting for his territory with power, bravery and generosity. Without hesitating to use innovative solutions, he promotes the country close to his heart against all odds to make it shine internationally, boost the business and attract newcomers. David Foy “The Digital Destroyer” is prepared to go all the way, ready to take up the fight and bring home the victory.

David “Dark Knight” Furcajg shakes the Earth and lift the oceans by making high waves and be an avenger. Supported by his behavioral Robo-Advisor friend that never leaves his side, “Dark Knight David” Furcajg accepts one of the greatest psychological and physical tests of his ability to fight injustice. Strategic and fine behavioural analyst, “Dark Knight David” Furcajg is ready to take up the fight and bring home the victory.


For the sixth fight, meet Turan Daglayan “The Earthquaker” vs Nicolas Sansonnnet aka “The Stallion”

Turan “The Earthquaker” Daglayan has the power to lift and move the ground so you will no longer feel the Earth under your feet. Be distracted for one second and he’ll take the advantage. Fearsome, he is however using wisely his powers for a better, more connected and secured world. Fear the calm before the storm, Turan “The Earthquaker” Daglayan is ready to take up the fight and bring home the victory. How far will it go?

Nicolas Sansonnet aka “The Stallion” rides over investment management and Luxembourg regulatory environment with brio and style. Used to make no compromise, he will give precise punches in the ring. Thanks to his toughness and strength, he will leave no chance to his opponent. Proud and determined, Nicolas Sansonnnet aka “The Stallion”  is ready to take up the fight and bring home the victory. How far will it go?



The LHoFT Foundation

The LHoFT Foundation is a not-for-profit initiative supported by the public & private sector to drive innovation for, and digitialisation of Luxembourg’s financial services industry. The LHoFT is the national platform and central hub for Fintech, working to connect the domestic and international community to solve challenges and address opportunities that will ensure the Financial Industry’s continued competitiveness.

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