Applications Open for Fintech Europe 2018

The European financial technology ecosystem is facing a period of unprecedented opportunity; a renaissance driven by cross-industry collaboration. At the LHoFT, we believe the optimal business strategy for both traditional financial services and Fintech companies is to work together, combining their strengths of experience and innovation.

Technology advances open the door to new product opportunities, and a progressive regulatory environment requires the evolution of old products. Innovative startups across Europe are tackling both of these challenges, with exciting new products and robust compliance solutions, working closely with financial institutions.

The ultimate winner of this scenario is the customer. Financial products are becoming more personalised, user friendly, secure, and transparent. Village Capital, in partnership with PayPal, Middlegame Ventures and the LHoFT, aims to empower startups working toward this goal, with a unique program of investment readiness for startups enabling the financial health of institutions, consumers, and businesses.

Fintech Europe 2018

Over the three four-day workshops, participants will meet with key stakeholders, investors, and strategic partners, as well as working side-by-side with their peers on their concepts. It is an opportunity to gather crucial feedback from the most valuable sources, make key product decisions, and deliver a targeted pitch to an audience that could be game-changing for any entrepreneur.

We are looking for program applicants!

We are focused on companies using one or more of the following strategies in Europe:

  • Apply innovative technologies including blockchain, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, IoT, biometric tech, and machine learning to problems facing the financial system
  • Leverage 3rd party data sources to increase financial services and distribute benefits
  • Enable financial institutions to improve their compliance functions (e.g., KYC or AML)  or help institutions build more inclusive digital identities
  • Promote financial stability by empowering financial institutions to better comply and governments to better monitor European and/or global compliance and regulatory standards

Program Dates:

  • Workshop 1: April 16 – 19 (Berlin)
  • Workshop 2: May 14 – 17 (Luxembourg)
  • Workshop 3: June 18 – 21 (Luxembourg)

Eligibility – all companies must:

  • Have raised no more than $5M in outside investment
  • Have meaningful customer or business validation (not limited to revenue, can also be successful pilot studies, number of active or waitlisted users, and/or strategic partnerships)
  • Have a minimum viable product (MVP)
  • Currently be operating in/have ability to expand business in the European Union.

Benefits of joining the program:

Network Building: Selected startups will participate in tailored engagements with key statkeholders, strategic partners and investors, as well as work deeply with relevant peers. Our process has been completed over 50 times, is proven to build more successful companies, and is recommended by 96% of our 500 alumni. At the end of the program, the top selected ventures will be eligible to receive $100,000 USD investment in from MiddleGame Ventures.

Partnership development: Fintech startups often rely on partnerships with large institutions, like banks, retailers, and other distributors to achieve scale. We will streamline this process, helping startups connect with decision-makers at large institutions that are seeking solutions around financial health. We will do this through:

Pre-committed advisory board members and ecosystem allies who are looking to partner with Vilcap companies

Business development sessions that bring in over 100 potential customers, partners, and stakeholders including experts



The LHoFT Foundation

The LHoFT Foundation is a not-for-profit initiative supported by the public & private sector to drive innovation for, and digitialisation of Luxembourg’s financial services industry. The LHoFT is the national platform and central hub for Fintech, working to connect the domestic and international community to solve challenges and address opportunities that will ensure the Financial Industry’s continued competitiveness.

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