Tioga Capital

A European venture capital fund focused on…
Country of incorporation: Luxembourg
Year of incorporation: 2020


Patrick Van de Mosselaer – Managing Director | Nicolas Priem – Managing Director | Michiel Lescrauwaet – Managing Director | Atul Luykx – Technical Advisor (external) | Olivier Lefebvre – Legal Counsel

Elevator Pitch

A European venture capital fund focused on blockchain technology.

Problem Solved

*for investors: we provide our investors with exposure to the growing European blockchain ecosystem, with a focus on early-stage opportunities in the infrastructure layer.
*for companies/eco system: We back exceptional founders and blockchain protocols that bring us closer to a world of more individual sovereignty, trust, and privacy. We do this with a team of complimentary partners that provide smart money.

Solution / Technology

Venture Capital


*asset agnostic (equity and crypto assets);

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