SoRisk3 & Compliant

Regulatory Risk Management, Compliance, and Governance targeting the asset management, banking, and insurance sectors.
Country of incorporation: Luxembourg
Year of incorporation: 2019


Ismaël Fadiga : Founding Partner, CEO & CTO, + 352 661 85 22 08

Elevator Pitch

Insurers drive their artificial intelligence transformation and we are their co-pilot thanks to our Max-ICS platform.

We combine remote sensing data and computer vision techniques to generate analytics that can be used in the whole insurance value chain. We co-create Artificial Intelligence models with our early adopters:

  • For underwriting: use of imagery datasets to automate the detection structural elements of buildings for past claims explanation
  • For pricing: integrate derivated metrics into a vulnerability model for ratemaking and accumulation control
  • For claims: use change detection pre/post disasters from different image sources for a first claim triage

Problem Solved

SoRisk3 enables regulated entities to divide their Risk Management and Compliance costs (Advisory, Calculation, Data, Reporting):

  • by up to 10
  • by exploiting smart technologies
  • and by fulfilling with their legal requirements.

Solution / Technology

SoRisk3 is the cloud-based solution indexed on smart technologies: altogether APIs, Blockchain, and Machine Learning.


1) Team expertise in:

  • Quantitative Risk Management
  • Qualitative Risk Management
  • Compliance
  • Smart technologies

2) Complementarity between the “SaaS business” and the “advisory business” in regulatory risk management & compliance

3) Close collaboration with academic areas, with a focus on R&D backing our proprietary algorithms in risk & compliance

4) Custom-made and affordable solutions

Market Size

>653 M€ only in Luxembourg

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