SnapSwap International S.A.

SnapSwap is a fully licensed and regulated Electronic Money Institution in Luxembourg offering financial services and…
Country of incorporation: Luxembourg
Year of incorporation: 2015


Mr. Denis Kiselev, CEO | Mr. Olivier Picavet, Deputy CEO & Head of Business Development | [email protected]

Elevator Pitch

Entrepreneurs and small businesses often have to deal with complicated and slow banking services. Everest is appealing to small and medium sized companies by offering easy banking access and efficient services:

● Business account and IBAN
● Credit/Debit cards available instantly
● As many cards as needed
● One-click expense management
● 24/7 support, alerts and controls

Everest’s banking services help to reduce costs, facilitate the payments, offer 24/7 online expenses management, and ease the day-to-day tasks of teams. As a Mastercard principal partner, Everest issues cards and processes transactions directly on the Mastercard network.

Problem Solved

Small businesses are underserved when it comes to financial services. Small businesses, especially startups, struggle to obtain corporate cards from banks who often require a strong credit history. Plus, it may take weeks to open a business account in traditional banks.
To solve these problems, Everest offers instant account opening, online current account, multiple credit cards ready-for-use on the spot digitally even before its plastic delivery and automated expense management.

Solution / Technology

Everest provides businesses with 35-days free flexible credit lines, automated expense reporting through easy scanning of receipts and matching functionalities. The expense reports are automatically generated and downloaded straight to the accounting system. Credit cards are available to an unlimited number of employees, in Luxembourg and abroad. The solution offers a user-friendly interface and real-time notifications, fair and transparent fees, and unique community deals. Thanks to Everest’s powerful tools, businesses can optimize financial flows by assigning flexible credit lines or saving time on reporting and accounting.


SnapSwap is a fully licensed and regulated Electronic Money Institution in Luxembourg offering financial services and expense management tools at a Pan-European level. SnapSwap holds a Principal Mastercard Membership which allows the issuing of credit and debit cards and processing of the transactions.

Market Size

According to the Annual Report on European SMEs 2018/2019, there were more than 25 million SMEs in the EU-28 in 2018.

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