Silcube is a modern, cloud-based investment management platform that brings asset managers, external advisors, risk managers, and the ManCo operational staff together to work on one data set on one system. The Silcube platform saves time, reduces errors, helps manage risk, and increases client satisfaction.
Country of incorporation: Helsinki
Year of incorporation: 2019


Jarno Piironen—Chair and CEO | Jussi Seppälä—Executive board member, Head of Business Development | Matis Tomiste—Head of Product | Maksim Säkki—Head of Development | Jevgeni Shumik—Full Stack Engineer | Maria Stefanescu—Customer Success Specialist (maternity leave) | Markku Malkamäki—Founder and Member of the Board | Francesca Skolc—Customer Success and Support

Elevator Pitch

Work in the financial service industry is hectic and built on people working together on data. Our  compliance and oversight requirements increase continuously, and there is little room for error. Silcube  was built to help teams to work together on one data set, controlling risks and processes.

Our platform builds one golden data set securely in the cloud, making data accessible in real-time to  everyone involved and easy to export and use for better decisions and risk management. Silcube puts you  in control, helps reduce compliance and operational risks, and increases customer satisfaction to help win  new business.

Silcube provides a digital advice-order-trade workflow for ManCo’s and their investment management  clients, including a seamlessly integrated private debt module, and a portfolio management view shared by  the asset manager and the ManCo. Silcube produces client reports, risk and exposure metrics, pre- and  post-trade compliance, total return analysis, and fund fact sheets, all based on one data set, on one  platform.

As a spin-off from a Luxembourg ManCo, we have 10 years of operational experience with thousands of  processed trades and corporate actions, and we have satisfied clients on three continents. Our SaaS  solution requires no internal support and no large IT projects and beats the competition in cost effectiveness.

Problem Solved

Managing data in multiple places results in duplication of work, and manual workflows scale less, require  more labor, and are prone to error. Setting up a digital process with a traditional service provider requires  a large IT project, internal resourcing, and easily costs more than planned.

Silcube brings the portfolio managers, external advisors, risk managers, and operational staff together, to  work on one data set, on one system. The digital workflow saves time and cost, reduces errors, and makes  compliance, risk management, and reporting simpler, in real-time.


The Silcube platform is an investment management system with wide support for various assets, including  fully integrated private debt support. Our platform includes a cash flow engine, pre-, and post-trade compliance module, advice-order-trade workflow, data import, and export modules and APIs, as well as a  client, risk, exposure, and management reporting module.

All data is owned by the client and stored encrypted in the Microsoft Azure cloud in Ireland. Every action is  logged, tagged to a user, and timestamped for a reliable audit trail for internal controls and regulator  audits.

Market Size

Silcube is fit to serve the hundreds of small to mid-size asset managers with private debt, trade finance and  traded asset portfolios, ManCos who manage the funds, and ManCos running funds with external advisors  and managers.

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