Rejustify: Empowering Decentralized Data Orchestration. Experience the security and intuitiveness of our AI-enhanced data preparation and merging service. Connect seamlessly with cloud, on-premises, and public databases through a unified API, ensuring real-time accessibility and efficiency.
Country of incorporation: Luxembourg


Vojtech Seman, CEO & Co-Founder | Marcin Wolski, CTO & Co-Founder

Elevator Pitch

Rejustify helps businesses to complete their data journey from data creation, mapping and structuring, through data access, data reuse, data enrichment and data mesh from internal/extrenal sources, to live infographics, dashboards, analytics, AI/ML and econometric modelling. Rejustify develops an AI-enhanced semantic ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) technology to automate data preparation, the most time-consuming element on the data journey.

Problem Solved

In today’s interconnected world, data plays a crucial role, yet it is often scattered across various locations, presented in different formats and languages, lacking organization and structure. making it challenging to use.

Data-driven organisations relied on analysts and data professionals for data preparation becomes increasingly complex as data volumes surge, consuming a substantial 80% of data teams’ time. This intricate and time-consuming process not only introduces risks and errors but also results in delayed actions, incurring unnecessary costs, and overlooking valuable opportunities for data-driven organizations.

Solution / Technology

Rejustify is a data orchestration engine to enable and simplify data-driven decision making. Rejustify automates data preparation from multiple sources. Our AI-enhanced semantic layer ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) technology allows for intuitive access to relevant data from multiple primary sources simultaneously, in real-time. Data orchestration by Rejustify minimizes the time and complexity required for data analysis, automation, insight generation, machine learning modelling, anomaly detection, and predictions, and ultimately leads to better-informed data-driven decisions delivered on time.

Market Size

  • 10 million Economy+Business+Finance+IT graduates each year in EU, US and India to spend next 4 years as Jr. Analysts,
  • 33% of them spend 80% of their work time preparing data,
  • 10% of them automate data preparation with Rejustify,
  • Rejustify B2B SaaS opportunity is €2B ARR.

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