Regtech Datahub

REGTECH DATAHUB delivers static master data to financial institutions required to fulfill their regulatory obligations, by using technology to collect and structure data from multiple public sources and make the data unrestricted available to clients utilizing cloud technology.
Country of incorporation: Danemark


Lars Christiansen – CEO | Kenneth Brandborg – CPO | Jakob Carlsen – Architect and Chief Developer | Rasmus Ravn – CTO | Christian Thygesen – Regulatory SME | Maja Balslev – Associate

Company description:

REGTECH DATAHUB is a cloud-based software solution that collects public data, to deliver regulatory data, ensuring transparency and cost savings, with no limitation of usages for their clients.

REGTECH DATAHUB collects and structures data from multiple public sources to deliver tailor-made data for the specific client to fulfill regulatory reporting and requirements, as well as offering authority reporting for both banking, insurance, and pension sectors.

Elevator Pitch

REGTECH DATAHUB is a software solution built to deliver regulatory data in a transparent format with no usage limitations and significant cost savings. The native cloud-based solution ensures that clients get a simple and customized solution for their MiFID II, Solvency II or EMIR-Refit data.

Problem Solved

An insurance company that places its investments with multiple fund managers has a large and complicated task every quarter prepare the Solvency II reporting. The data reported by the fund managers must be consolidate and quality checked. Finally, it must be format to their Solvency II engine.

Solution / Technology

With the REGTECH DATAHUB an insurance company or a Pension fund will get all the relevant reference data (ISINs, NACE, CIC and LEI codes) for their Solvency II reporting. Furthermore, REGTECH DATAHUB can import the reports the insurance company or the Pension fund receives from their out-sourced mandates (.TPT files) a create one consolidated file for their Solvency II reporting. REGTECH DATAHUB offers a custom built API endpoint that delivers data based on the client’s specification of content and format.

Market Size

The market for REGTECH DATAHUB in the European Market:

  • 5,000 banks
  • 9,000 Insurance companies
  • 14,000 Market participants subject to REMiT (Regulation for energy and commodity traders)

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