Pliant introduces its best-in-class corporate credit card solution to new European markets to make payments and card management more effective for all businesses.


Mathieu Volondat, Head of Sales Luxembourg – [email protected]

Elevator Pitch

Pliant has been laser-focused on making credit card payments as easy as possible for customers for over two years, and demonstrating that credit cards are a safe and cost-effective payment method for many types of businesses.

Problem Solved

Pliant offers real credit cards with high limits in both physical and virtual card form that companies can get without visiting a bank location or opening a separate bank account. Applying, onboarding, and issuing cards used to take weeks, but it’s now possible in minutes, and it all happens online. Pliant customers also benefit from automatic cashback of up to 1% on all purchases, which is particularly useful for companies that spend thousands on online marketing and advertising every month.

Solution / Technology

With its app and API-based solutions, Pliant gives companies the ability to issue physical and virtual credit cards, track spending, and seamlessly integrate all of these data into their finance stack.

Market Size

The Berlin-based Fintech now offers their product across Europe with the high level of functionality and customer support that over 1,500 companies in Germany and Austria have enjoyed. Including Luxembourg.


White Paper

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