Moniflo is a values based marketplace that connects funds and values based investors. Our aim is to make values based investing easy, transparent and affordable to all.
Country of incorporation: Luxembourg


Geroges Bock – Co-Founder CEO [email protected] | Ala Presenti – Co-Fpunder, CFO [email protected] | Jordan Abrahams – Head of Marketing [email protected] | Matthieu Boachon – Head of Business Development [email protected]

Elevator Pitch

Introducing Moniflo, the solution to a pressing challenge faced by asset managers: connecting with the next generation of retail investors. With €1 trillion sitting idle in EU bank accounts due to trust issues and dissatisfaction with current investment options, Moniflo is set to revolutionize the landscape.

Our digital investing platform, tailored for UCITS funds, breaks down barriers and resonates with millions of overlooked retail investors. Moniflo operates as a two-sided marketplace, innovating European funds and providing impactful investment opportunities for a new generation.

Key to our approach is a unique ranking system, developed in collaboration with, based on the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals. This allows investors to swiftly gauge the social, environmental, and ethical impact of their fund choices. Moniflo also empowers investors with an inclusion/exclusion option, letting them filter out specific factors aligning investments with their values.

Join Moniflo in transforming the challenge of engaging the next generation into an opportunity for meaningful and inclusive financial participation. Our goal is to generate traction for ethical funds and facilitate long-term wealth building tailored to individual values. Moniflo: Where innovation meets impact in the world of retail investing.

Problem Solved

The Fund Problem: Funds need investors but traditional investor pools are highly competitive.

The Investor Problem: An untapped market of values-driven consumers are unable to align money management with their values.

Solution / Technology

A new generation investment app, designed to make investing easy and simple. By leveraging technology we are able to give investors the ability to filter through 100’s of funds in seconds based on their values. Investors can then learn and understand how the impact investing in these funds will have on their sustainability goals.

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