Founded in 2015 in Switzerland, Metaco is an enterprise technology company whose mission is to enable financial and non-financial institutions to securely build their digital asset operations. The company’s core product, Harmonize™, is a mission-critical orchestration platform for digital assets. From asset-agnostic custody and trading to tokenization, staking and smart contract management, the platform seamlessly connects institutions to the broad universe of decentralized finance (DeFi) and decentralized applications (Web3 Dapps). Metaco has established itself as the institutional standard for digital asset infrastructure, trusted by the world’s largest global custodians, banks, regulated exchanges, and corporates. Its software and technology solutions enable institutions to store, trade, issue and manage any type of digital asset — such as crypto and digital currencies, digital securities, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) – with the highest possible security and agility.
Country of incorporation: Switzerland
Year of incorporation: 2015


Elevator Pitch

Metaco’s platform, Harmonize™, is the institutional standard for mission-critical digital asset custody infrastructure, mandated by 6 out of top 10 global custodians, and proven to enable many regional banks, exchanges, financial institutions and corporates to launch new business models in the digital asset economy. When interacting with and operating digital assets represented on private or public blockchains, institutions are faced with many challenges and trade-offs, from how to securely issue or safekeep those assets, to how to create liquidity and networked services around these classes. Harmonize, with its bank-grade security architecture, underpinned by asset-agnostic compliance frameworks, removes these trade-offs and allows top tier financial institutions such as Citi, BNP Paribas, Societe Generale – FORGE, DBS and others to create long-lasting competitive advantage in the digital asset economy.

Problem Solved

Metaco’s custody, tokenization and orchestration platform for institutional digital asset management helps institutions to:

  • Remove the inherent tradeoffs when custodying digital assets, on their behalf or on behalf of their clients, between maximum level of security & compliance vs. agility & flexibility;
  • Connect to a massive universe of distributed ledger protocols, such as all major public and permissioned ledgers, cryptocurrencies, DeFi tokens and smart contracts;
  • Obtain smart access to exchanges and liquidity venues to allow seamless trading and settlement of digital assets of any kind;
  • Tokenize financial and real-world assets, unlocking trapped liquidity and obtaining critical efficiency gains in back office infrastructure;
  • Embed institutional custody services into DeFi protocols, NFT platforms and DApps.

Solution / Technology

Description of Metaco Solution

Metaco Harmonize™ is a unified digital asset operating system for institutions, underpinned by fully integrated custody, tokenization and orchestration capabilities with full support for all digital asset use cases.

The platform allows institutions to:

  •    Secure, trade, transfer and settle any type of financial and non-financial digital asset.
    • cryptocurrencies, stable coins, CBDCs
    • tokenized securities, commodities, utilities
    • non-fungible tokens (NFTs)
  • Tokenize and manage regulated securities and non-regulated assets.
    • equities, bonds, certificates, debt
    • real estate, fund structures
    • art & collectibles, gaming, identity, content, IP
  • Connect and embed into all relevant DeFi and Web3 apps securely.staking, lending, borrowing, financing
    • NFT platforms & app marketplaces
    • decentralized exchanges, DAOs

The orchestration capabilities transform Metaco Harmonize™ into a unified hub to connect, secure and govern all digital asset transactions and operations across various:

  • self-custody solutions,
  • sub-custodians,
  • trading venues,
  • external accounts,
  • settlement networks,
  • DeFi protocols,
  • Web3 apps,
  • tokenization engines
  • and other digital asset backends.


With deep roots in the banking industry, Metaco now serves any type of financial and non-financial institution globally that wishes to operate in the digital asset economy. Mainly, Metaco’s addressable market is:

  • Global custodians – allowing them to build tomorrow’s financial market infrastructure.
  • Retail, private and universal banks – allowing them to satisfy demand for new asset classes.
  • Neobanks & fintechs – allowing them to find new routes to monetizing existing user base.
  • Regulated exchanges – allowing them to grow volumes and profit margins in a secure, scalable and compliant way.
  • Corporates – allowing them to boost customer loyalty and engagement, while diversifying their treasury and funding operations.

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