Lynxai Vision helps asset managers to have a vision of all relevant ESG data regarding their investments.
Country of incorporation: Portugal


Eduardo Rebelo, CTO & Co-founder – [email protected] | Tiago Andrade, CEO & Co-founder – [email protected]

Elevator Pitch

Lynxai is a data-driven platform offering two cutting-edge products:

  • Lynxai RCR empowers users to effortlessly navigate ESG regulations, ensuring seamless alignment with regulatory goals. The platform is tailored to fit each unique regulatory environment quickly and efficiently. Also, the user has the much needed ability to create detailed regulatory reports effortlessly, facilitating clear communication with overseeing institutions and internally with the company.
  • Lynxai Vision revolutionizes investment decision-making with dynamic insights. Users can dive into real-time data analysis across social platforms, news outlets, and beyond. Lynxai Vision transforms this information into actionable insights, offering sentiment analysis, trending keywords, VIP tweets, and more.

Problem Solved

Lynxai solves many problems such as: complying with and reporting ESG regulations; the lack of reliable and actionable ESG Data; defining customer specific ESG standards for different portfolios; applying ESG into the day-to-day investment decisions; understanding ESG trends and how they impact stock price; monitoring CO2 equivalent emissions to reach net zero by 2050.

Solution / Technology

Objective Quantitative Data Access: Easily access objective quantitative data from credited data suppliers for simplified asset benchmarking, supporting informed investment decisions and facilitating investment in companies that perform above or below a certain threshold in hundreds of metrics.

Trend Spotting AI Tool: Our AI-driven tool identifies relevant trends and shows the found data to support the relevance of a trend, with evidence, giving the user the information needed to support the investment decision, leaving the analysis and investment choice on the user’s side. Our AI provides transparent scoring, that is not an ESG score, but a relevance score, to help the user understand in what stage the trend is at and why, with diverse explanatory data.

Customizable ESG Standards: Tailor the investment journey by setting ESG standards. Lynxai Vision filters information, flagging investments misaligned with the user’s values and set metrics.

CO2 Emissions Monitoring: Since CO2 emission monitoring is one of the key aspects of the ‘E’ in ESG, and the starting point for environmental sustainability, our tool is focused on helping the user monitor emissions across industries to meet reduction targets, allowing simulations and forecasting with different variables to screen investments.

Market Size

It is estimated that the ESG market will grow up to 53 trillion USD by 2025, which is about one third of all assets under management globally.


White Paper

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