Letz Digitalize

Letz Digitalize is a Luxembourg based fintech company, whose target is to provide an integrated platform solution to fulfill all requirements of fleet /mobility managers. The objective of the platform is to be the reference for any transaction and reporting related to company car leasing lifecycle and mobility.
Country of incorporation: Luxembourg


Fabrice – CEO | Bojan – CFO | Nicolas – CDO | Reza – COO

Elevator Pitch

LetzDigitalize has developed all-in fleet, an integrated platform fulfilling all the needs of parties active on the leasing Market.

All-in fleet is also an innovative marketplace where leasing contracts can be turned into tradable and exchangeable instruments in a fast, flexible and cost-efficient way. This also makes the market more liquid and transparent, scaling up participants business.

Client companies will optimize their portfolio and cost and drivers will enjoy better pricing and reduction of complexity throughout the leasing process.

Distributors will benefit from new distribution channels.

Problem Solved

  • Standardized frontend, capable of being integrated in the clients’ information systems.
  • Digitalization of the end-to-end processes, including contracts standardization.
  • Cloud-based computing framework for fast, accurate and robust solution accessible by all stakeholders.
  • Document management tool.
  • Dashboard and data analytics.
  • Time and cost efficient.

Solution / Technology

Simplification, digitalization and standardization of the fleet management and leasing processes through dynamic, simple and efficient organization which is delivering a fully modular, more comprehensive and evolutive solution as per each client’s requirements.

Market Size

Luxembourg company car leasing markets comprises of approx. 50 000 vehicles as per 2021. The target of the company within the first five years is to reach a market share of managing 10 000 leasing contracts. The initial target customer types are mid- and large companies within financial- and law sector in Luxembourg.

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