KAPITAL™ is a privately owned financial solutions provider with offices in Switzerland and Luxembourg. They serve Private Companies, Asset Managers, Venture Funds, and Institutional Investors with a suite of investment solutions.
Country of incorporation: Swiss-Luxembourg


Arman Anaturk, CEO – [email protected] | Camille Bossel, Director – [email protected]

Elevator Pitch

Kapital’s makes it simple for financial institutions to tap into alternative asset strategies – such as private equity, debt and real estate – by building and automating the critical rails that power investments in the private markets with scalability, efficiency and cost-effective transactions.

Problem Solved

The current system for private market investments are designed for large institutional investments with bespoke and manual processes. Unlike in public markets, private markets have only limited electronic infrastructure or standards to support transactions, collateralization, administration, registry, and reporting at any scale. The result is a significant barrier to entry limiting the number of financial institutions able to efficiently structure their private market strategies.

Solution / Technology

Kapital opens up the private markets for financial Institutions by building and automating the critical rails that power investments in the private markets. Through the Kapital platform, we provide highly configurable, enterprise-grade investment vehicles issued through a seamless and white-labeled digital front end. Our aim is to handle the end-to-end flow of money in private market transactions wherein all the legal, regulatory and operational processes are digitally embedded into Kapital.

Market Size

Private market AUM is expected to more than double to $24T in 2026, as more Financial Intermediaries look to offer private to their clients. Private markets have tripled in size over the last decade — growing at a faster rate than public markets — as more individual investors look to alternative assets. An increasing number of financial institutions want to offer private market investments, driven by demand from their clients and increasing competition.

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