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SMART EDUCATION offers a learning management tool known as INDIL, designed to empower individuals seeking to enhance their knowledge in accounting. Our platform provides a comprehensive learning experience through a wide range of tutorials and interactive exercises, all while offering instant feedback based on users' responses. INDIL is not just a digital tutor; it's a versatile tool that can seamlessly integrate into educational institutions and cater to the professional learning needs of individuals.
Country of incorporation: Luxembourg


Kelly-Ann Lam, CEO – E-mail : [email protected] | Creators of the pedagogical content for INDIL: Mersud Mehovic – [email protected] | Enes Agovic – [email protected]

Elevator Pitch

SMART EDUCATION is revolutionizing the way people learn accountability with INDIL. Imagine a digital tutor that adapts to one’s unique learning pace, provides instant feedback, and can be integrated into classrooms or professional training programs.

Problem Solved

Many individuals and professionals struggle with the complexities of accountability. The problem we address is the lack of accessible, engaging, and comprehensive tools for learning these crucial skills in this specific domain. Traditional education often falls short in delivering knowledge and is no more adapted to the modern and digital world. SMART EDUCATION’s INDIL bridges this gap by offering an innovative learning solution tailored to the specific challenges faced in mastering the subject of accounting.

Solution / Technology

INDIL, SMART EDUCATION flagship product, offers a dynamic and user-friendly platform for teaching and learning accounting. Utilizing a rich library of tutorial videos and interactive exercises, learners receive instant feedback, reinforcing their understanding of key concepts. Whether one is a student, professional, or part of an institution, INDIL can be customized to meet specific learning needs.

Market Size

In Luxembourg, the ED-tech market represents a significant opportunity for growth and innovation. As a small yet highly developed European nation, Luxembourg places a strong emphasis on education and technology adoption. According to recent data from the Ministry of Education, the country has been actively investing in digital infrastructure for educational purposes, which has paved the way for the expansion of ed tech solutions.

The Luxembourg ED-Tech market is estimated to be worth several million euros, with steady year-on-year growth. This growth is driven by factors such as the increasing demand for digital learning tools, the need for flexible and accessible education solutions, and the government’s commitment to modernizing the education sector.

SMART EDUCATION’s INDIL, with its unique focus on financial education, is well-positioned to tap into this market by providing a specialized and highly relevant solution. Our goal is not only to contribute to the growth of the Ed-Tech market in Luxembourg but also to address the specific educational needs of individuals and institutions seeking to individualize the learning process.

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