Freely stands for open and transparent communication during the application process. In times where you can track your package from China to your door step, we are still astonished that in a recruitment process CVs are lost and people are left pending for months.
Country of incorporation: Luxembourg
Year of incorporation: 2021


Elke Vanwijnsberghe: co-founder, [email protected] | Frederick: co-founder, Sales and Business, [email protected]

Elevator Pitch

Freely is a customer and people-centric talent start-up, embracing candidate and employer experience in digital, fast paced and data-driven times. With pig-headed discipline and dedication, we support Luxembourg-based companies to attract the best fitting talent and we advocate the importance matching talent and companies based on aligned core-values and with a long-term perspective.

Problem Solved

As Luxembourg estimates double digit growth rates in transaction values and volumes in 2024 in the major Fintech sectors, we expect a candidate-driven market in the fintech sector, also linked to the tech aspects of the job as the required skills evolve fast. Attracting the right talent will be one of the key differentiators for companies in the future.

Hiring fintech talent can still be quite hard for start-ups and scale-ups lacking the brand-awareness and internal recruitment bandwidth traditional financial institutions have. Summarized, in a fast-evolving world we are truly excited to play a role in Talent Attraction in Luxembourg and we are truly grateful for our partnership with LHoFT to support on the hiring needs of Fintech Start-ups and Scale-ups in Luxembourg.

Solution / Technology

Securing the right candidates in a fiercely competitive and candidate-driven market is key and we are convinced that this matchmaking entails more than hard skills. We emphasize a connection based, human-to-human approach and the importance of a cultural and interpersonal fit between candidates and the team they will work with whilst using AI-powered technology to optimize the matchmaking.

Market Size

Freely supports the financial sector as a whole, next to e-commerce/retail, aviation, industrial and advisory services sector.

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