FinChatBot offers powerful solutions to help businesses revolutionise…
Country of incorporation: Luxembourg
Year of incorporation: 2016


Antoine Paillusseau – CEO | Christel Maucet Chief of Staff Natalie Raphil – CTO | Thabelo Mmbengeni – Chief Architect | Jayce Zidel – General Manager South Africa | Richard Marsden – Director of Development (UK) | Alvaro Amorim – Director of Development (Portugal) | Baptiste Clement – Operations Manager (France) | Company contact – Antoine Paillusseau, CEO, [email protected]

Elevator Pitch offers powerful solutions to help businesses revolutionise customer experiences and achieve high-performance results.

Problem Solved

Unstructured, manual or hybrid processes (manual & digital) to onboard, engage and retain customers, resulting in low efficiency and effectiveness, high costs and low customer satisfaction.

Solution / Technology

Conversational AI solutions


Integrated digital solutions, managed, and optimised for performance, to seamlessly onboard, serve and retain customers in a more personalised and efficient way.

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