ekonoo is a Luxembourg based Investment Firm founded in 2019. As a Fintech / Insurtech, ekonoo provides an infrastructure able to administer and distribute fully digital employee savings and pension saving schemes, be they those of its partners or proprietary ones.
Country of incorporation: Luxembourg
Year of incorporation: 2019


Ludovic Ducourtioux, Chairman and co-founder | Guillaume Ostenc, Authorized Director and co-founder | Olivier Robin, Authorized Director

Elevator Pitch

ekonoo is a Luxembourg based Investment Firm. Its unique Fintech / Insurtech proprietary full cloud infrastructure enables its partners, distributors and clients to create, distribute and manage totally digital employee savings and pension schemes.

Among the numerous benefits of using the infrastructure, we can highlight the following

  • For institutions: operational risk and cost reduction alongside efficiency and service improvements,
  • For distributors: improved proximity with their clients through fully digital processes and extended features
  • For employers: simplified management and cost benefits
  • For employees: a simple fully digital savings and pension scheme solution in their pocket.

Problem Solved

On the institutional side, ekonoo provides a brand-new platform that covers the whole value chain. The burden (and induced costs) of legacy platforms is solutioned. Clients are better served, new products can be more easily created.

Distributors, through fully digital solutions (products, portals, features…) are  able to allocate more time to value-added tasks and thus better serve their clients.

Employers can finally access simple, digital and cost-effective solutions. They can better satisfy their employees through tax efficient additional sources of revenues for them.

Employees can access and manage their schemes at all times from their smartphones: their savings are in their pocket.

Employee savings plans and pension schemes are seen as complex products. They are therefore seldom implemented by smaller companies who, put together, are the largest employers.

ekonoo’s goal is to change that and make savings more accessible to everyone.

Solution / Technology

In the Employee Savings and Pension Scheme world, ekonoo gathers all users, providers, distributors and clients on a single newly developed infrastructure.

The Platform is cloud native and covers the whole value chain. It is linked using APIs to the comprehensive eco system (insurance companies, banks, custodians, distributors…) thus enabling natively 100% digital servicing.

In a nutshell: it’s the employee savings and pension scheme world, made simple.

Key characteristics:

Easy to use – Saving money is facilitated thanks to interfaces adapted to the user experience.

Transparency – Users have a detailed view on their savings and the evolution of their investments.

Security – Developing a digital solution for savings means having the most secured interfaces to protect the personal and banking data of the users.

Educational – Customer care agents accompany users through their entire journey with ekonoo. Different pedagogical tools are also available on the interfaces to help users better manage their saving plans.

Market Size

ekonoo’s solution is first aimed at the French market. At the end of 2021, employee savings and pension plans totaled 167.6 billion euros in assets in France.

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