Enodys combine the power of technology and creativity to contribute to a fair, efficient and prosperous society for citizens and organisations.
Country of incorporation: Luxembourg


Jonathan MARROYEN (Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer – CEO) – [email protected] | Olivier ROZET (Partner & Chief Experience Officer – CXO) – [email protected] | Jean-Noël Didrich (Co-founder) – [email protected] | Bernard Felten (Co-Founder) – [email protected]

Elevator Pitch

Edonys, a brand under VIREO S.à r.l., provides creative and innovative solutions that blend technology and creativity to foster a fair, efficient, and prosperous society for individuals and organizations.

Problem Solved

Edonys’ philosophy is “Offer more while spending better”. Their solutions are crafted to address specific challenges faced by companies and their employees. From talent acquisition to employee retention and the automation of HR processes (including reporting and CRD calculations), Edonys introduces innovation to simplify some of the most intricate processes for companies.

In partnership with KPMG Luxembourg, Edonys automates the calculation of deferred remuneration, such as bonuses, and generates comprehensive reporting for companies. This includes fulfilling legal obligations (MRT status – CRD 5 reporting) and meeting internal needs, such as personalized reporting and HR statistics.

Solution / Technology

For instance, PayWorld simplifies the creation, management, and optimization of employee packages, ensuring employers optimize salary costs while providing employees with personalized benefits and the best remuneration.

In addition to optimization, a focus on reducing costs for both employers and employees is integral. This is why companies widely support JoyWorld and its app “Joybiiz,” as they cut fees on meal vouchers, gift vouchers, and other employee benefits, including discounts and myTax.

TaxWorld, featuring its app myTax, represents the inaugural product from the company. This digital tax assistant enables individuals to complete and optimize their tax returns through straightforward questions.

These services can serve as employee benefits or professional tools to streamline company processes.

Market Size

  • The worlds of Edonys are aimed at all employers and employees. In Luxembourg, there are almost 500,000 employees. In Europe, there are almost 200 million.
  • More specifically for the financial sector, over 5 million profiles are targeted by PayWorld and its package designed to automate the calculation and management of deferred compensation and HR reporting.
  • In Luxembourg, we already work with companies such as KPMG, Spuerkees, Devoteam, Foyer, LLUCS.

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