DealFox, is a game-changing deal origination platform only accessible to regulated professionals such as lawyers, accountants, fiduciaries, auditors, bankers & fund managers. Regulated professionals can source deals for their clients, seeking to sell assets or raise capital, in full confidentiality.


Jean-Francois Marliére Head of M& – [email protected] | Laurent Marliére CEO – [email protected] | Zineb Bensaïd СКО – [email protected] | Jim Kent Head of Partnerships – [email protected]

Elevator Pitch

There is a revolution in the alternative assets space. Driven by regulated professionals searching for M&A deals for their clients. Lawyers, accountants, bankers and other professionals need to search for assets while at the same time confidentially listing the assets of their clients.

DealFox has created a unique opportunity for regulated professionals to increase their deal flow by up to ten times. It achieves this with its proprietary technology that creates the “Spotify of the deal” by intelligently matching assets against investor profiles.

In total DealFox provides instant notifications of assets for sale to 45,000 investors from around the world. Making it the global leader in deal origination.

Problem Solved

No other M&A platform enables the

  • Creation of a teaser campaign for an asset
  • Matching between assets for sale and investor profiles
  • Options for regulated professionals to manage their level of confidentiality themselves

Solution / Technology

  • Our programmers have created a unique algorithm to enable deal matching
  • The platform enables professionals who are selling assets to generate a PDF teaser that speaks the language of the investor.
  • Confidentiality level is easily managed, meaning sellers only communicate exactly what they wish
  • Contracts and NDAs are automatically created

Market Size

Our goal is for 20% of all regulated professionals around the globe to become subscribers.

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