Based in Luxembourg, BoardiGO was founded in 2021 by a team of serial entrepreneurs with experience in new technologies and growth strategies. BoardiGO was born out of an awareness of the challenges faced by the corporate secretaries to digitize their governance. BoardiGO has developed a software managing their board workflows in a technologically and legally secured manner (eIDAS signature included).
Country of incorporation: Luxembourg
Year of incorporation: 2021


Julien Jenoudet : CEO & Co-founder | Paul Cayon : CTO & Co-founder | Loïc Fritsch : Développeur web et mobile

Elevator Pitch

BoardiGO enables Boards to operate at maximum efficiency supported by the highest levels of digital and legal security using the latest cryptography and decentralized technology.

Problem Solved

In digitizing their governance, most boards do it quick, dirty and costly as no specific tool exists according to 84% of interviewed customers.

Our added value is based on three principles:

  • Efficiency : we save our clients time and money thanks to a user friendly tool.
  • Innovation : we innovate by simplifying the board management process with new technologies (web and mobile)
  • Security : we provide a highly secured environment with a digital signature complying with eIDAS regulation

Solution / Technology

BoardiGO is a web and mobile platform (iOS & Android) aimed at corporate secretaries. It’s a productivity tool supporting the management of board workflows in a technologically and legally secured manner (eIDAS signature included). It can be used to move boards fully online or in an hybrid way to guarantee the substance.

BoardiGO’s main functionalities:

  • Board organization management
  • Calendar Scheduling pool
  • Governance rules set-up
  • Board Pack
  • Live conference integrated
  • Document request tool
  • Template of workflows
  • Sign as you go with your biometrics
  • Sign any types or formats of documents (.pdf, .xls, .jpg, …)
  • “For the record” functionality
  • No sequencing in voting and signing
  • Minutes automation
  • Create a vote (outside a meeting)
  •  Create a signature (outside a meeting)


Board portal applications are now expected to manage the whole workflow and to be web/mobile, secure, real time and cloud engineered. Their global market was estimated to be $2.8Bn in 2021 with a CAGR of 19%. It will reach more than $6Bn in 2026 (Sources: Daedal, WMR, ARC).

Market Size

Approximately 0.05% of the daily traded volume of the selected indexes, representing  1Md yearly.

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