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May 29 @ 12:00 pm

Webinar: Thrive in the New Normal – design better ways of working


LHoFT and Deloitte Luxembourg Webinar

“Thrive in the New Normal – Design better ways of working.”

We are pleased to invite you to our next webinar “Thrive in the New Normal – Design better ways of working” developped in collaboration with our partner Deloitte Luxembourg.

Dr. Marc Sniukas, Head of Innovation at Deloitte Luxembourg, will explain why we need to discover new ways of working and how to reshape agile work to flourish in this new world.

During this webinar, Dr. Marc Sniukas will explain that 

Organizations face many challenges today… Digital Transformation, changing customer expectations, employee disengagement, the need to cut cost, the threat of being disrupted, black swan events like COVID-19, … The business environment is becoming increasingly volatile, uncertain, and complex.

To overcome these challenges, organizations will need to… become increasingly adaptable, boost their speed of execution, be able to sense and respond to change in agile ways, experiment with new solutions and approaches, learn and adapt fast, and transform continuously.

Yet our current ways of working, leading, and organizing are inhibiting us from doing so. Command-and-control cultures, hierarchies, rigid procedures, siloed departments, and teams, complex matrix organizations, crippling bureaucracies, complicated decision-making and approval procedures, inefficient meetings … all the distinctive features of how many organizations still operate today are inhibiting teams, leaders, companies from doing their best work.

We believe it’s time we re-invented how we work.

Duration: 60 minutes

Meet our speaker:

Dr. Marc Sniukas is the Head of Innovation at Deloitte Luxembourg

Dr. Marc Sniukas is a global expert on strategic innovation and corporate entrepreneurship, author of The Art of Opportunity(Wiley 2016), and co-founder of The Business Model Gallery, the world’s largest business model database. Besides his corporate work, Marc is on the faculties of Duke Corporate Education and TEC de Monterrey. Marc is also one of the Founding Partners of Territory Global.


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29 MAY 2020 to 29 MAY 2020
Starting time: 12:00

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