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March 27 - April 2

Upside Academy Innovation Program


The Upside Innovation Academy is a training program aimed at helping financial institutions build repeatable and scalable internal capabilities to drive digital transformation, optimise Fintech procurement and relationship management, and drive measurable returns on investments in innovation.

The Upside Academy Innovation Program will be conducted for the first time in Europe as a collaboration of the LHoFT Foundation, Deloitte Luxembourg and Upside Partners, a leading innovation and digital transformation advisory firm based in Silicon Valley.

The program will be delivered by Upside Partners’ co-founders Mike Sigal and Jelena Ewart, who collectively have over 40 years of experience as entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and executives in Silicon Valley, and Dr. Marc Sniukas, Director Innovation at Deloitte, corporate innovation expert and author of The Art of Opportunity – How to create new growth through strategic innovation (Wiley 2016).


Segment 1 – 27 & 28 March 2019

The Executive Immersion is a 2-day semi-public, group session for all 30-50 participants. The curriculum does not expose the participants competitive challenges or insights, but the group dynamics and perspectives of multiple companies promotes deeper insights and accelerated learning.

Key takeaways of the Executive Immersion include:

●     Understanding of startup and venture ecosystem dynamics to help corporate teams better identify and engage with the right startups and partners;

●     Insights into the mindset and skill-gaps between entrepreneurs and corporates, and an ability to identify any such gaps in corporations;

●     A survey of startup & VC-inspired managerial, financial, and training tools and best practices for achieving operational excellence and consistent innovation ROI.

Executive Immersion Day 1 (Wednesday) – Innovation Management Theory

➔    Introduction to Upside Methodology

➔    Introduction to the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, Startup Working Methods and the VC Business Model

➔    Best Practices in Innovation Opportunity Assessment

➔    Analysing Startups like a VC, in Minutes, not Months

➔    Tools for Governance and Alignment: Measuring the Right KPIs at the Right Time

➔    Fireside Chat on Corporate/Startup Innovation & Dinner

Executive Immersion Day 2 (Thursday) – Leveraging Upside in your Company

➔    Best Practices for Running a Successful PoCs

➔    Setting up for Success: Engaging Lateral Stakeholders

➔    Finding the Right Startups Using Innovation Briefs

➔    Best Practices for Working with Startups

➔    Secrets of Digital Leadership: Fostering a Growth Mindset & Culture

Segment 2 – March 29th, April 1st or 2nd

The Business Challenge Workshop is a 2.5-hour private, small group session delivered to participants from a single company to put the lessons from the Executive Immersion into action to advance your company’s innovation agenda.

Key takeaways of the Business Challenge Workshop include:

●     Hands-on experience transforming innovation objectives into Business Challenges;

●     A list of Business Challenges your organization can immediately use to prioritize innovation initiatives;

●     A high-level, KPI-driven Sourcing Matrix for one Business Challenge that can be immediately used to drive startup sourcing and selection.

Business Challenge Workshop (2.5 Hours on March 29th, April 1st or April 2nd)

➔    Framework for constructing and managing Business Challenges, the mission-critical quantum of effective innovation.

➔    Hands-on practice developing a series of Business Challenges relevant to your company, and prioritizing those challenges.

➔    Hands on practice developing a startup Sourcing Matrix relating to a single Business Challenge.

Upside Partners is a Silicon Valley-based consultancy that helps corporations and institutions develop operational excellence in innovation through the application of startup and venture investor best practices. The Upside Partners team brings extensive experience and success of delivering innovation and digital transformation programs for corporates around the world such as Nordea, Payments Canada, RCI Banque, Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority, Standard Chartered Bank, Standard Life and SWIFT.

Deloitte Luxembourg is a leader in corporate and digital innovation. Deloitte’s innovation services help organizations create awareness for innovation and new technologies; set innovation strategies; build, launch and scale innovative offerings, business models, and new ventures; and boost your organization’s capabilities for innovation.

Deloitte Digital combines Deloitte’s globally recognized strength in business transformation and technology implementation with the capabilities of a world-class digital agency. We can support your organization across the digital lifecycle — from working to define a bold digital strategy to designing and building your online and mobile presence — using agile methods that move quickly from digital concept to digital reality.

The LHoFT Foundation is a public – private sector initiative that drives technology innovation for Luxembourg’s financial services industry, connecting the domestic and international Fintech community to develop solutions that shape the world of tomorrow. 

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