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October 28 @ 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Under The Hood Of ESG Investing : Social Aspects Of Financial Services

About This Event

LHoFTHolland FinTech, and FinTech Belgium have joined forces to share essential insights on ESG developments and the relevance for fintech in the Benelux. Register today !

How Do You Measure And Steer Your Social Impact?

The social side (S) of ESG in financial services has many aspects, including Financial Inclusion (making sure people have access to essential financial services, regardless of wealth, age, education + gender), Accessibility (in terms of cost and friction, but also understandability), Diversity & Inclusion (moving towards a more diverse and inclusive industry, Financial Literacy (often going hand in hand with Digital Literacy: can all people harness the power of digital financial services?).

At the highest level, how do you responsibly run a profitable, sustainable business that does not deplete natural resources or actually repletes harm that has been done in the past? How can the abstract world of financial services become a catalyst for good in the physical world? The social aspects are key when it comes to investing, financing, and providing services to any kind of party.

During this session, we’ll share insights and address the following questions:

  • What is driving financial service companies to do good (and no harm)?
  • How do they measure effects and influence the outcome of their involvement?
  • How can they live up to the changing demands of society?
  • How does technology support this movement?
  • And how can we build a responsible environment where everyone belongs and people feel welcome, valued, and respected?

Preliminary Agenda

The session will be moderated by Patricia Boydens, Vice-President of FinTech Belgium.

The following speakers are confirmed:

Please register free of charge for this online Zoom event.

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