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February 3 @ 12:00 pm - 1:15 pm

The Venture Capital Manifest of 2021

THE 360° OF FUNDRAISING IN LUXEMBOURG – Discover the full value chain of fundraising in Luxembourg

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The Venture Capital Manifest of 2021 ✅     

Take a step behind the scenes and learn from Europe’s finest Fintech investors

Despite the 2020 global economy meltdown, venture capital investment in European Fintechs remained highly active, unlocking EUR 7,7 billion from total EUR 35,3 billion, followed by record breaking performances.

During our meeting with one of the finest European VC firms and Fintech investors, we’ll explore the current state of investments and predictions for 2021, before stepping behind the scenes. During two workshop sessions “you can choose from”, you’ll learn about what it takes to get a VCs attention, what persuades and what to expect.


12h00 – 12h35 PM – Panel Discussion

What we have learned from 2020 and which investment trends to watch for 2021

12h35 – 12h40 PM – Quiz – Have you paid attention?

Take part in the live quiz and become a top scoring champ. The three best scoring participants will be displayed and be able to introduce themselves.

12h40 PM – 1h10 PM (Two workshops to choose from)

How to pitch to VCs
An investor’s time is scarce and a first impression might save you from being sidelined when it comes to first-approaching and pitching to venture capitalists. On Wednesday, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with two leading European VCs on how to, what to do and when, to qualify. Join the workshop led by Pauline Brunel, Investment Manager at BlackFin Partners

Lessons learned from investing in Blockchain
Investment for cutting edge blockchain projects is still How many investors do you know who fund categorically Blockchain projects? How many blockchain entrepreneurs do you know who have raised almost 20 million? Meet Max Mersch from Fabric Ventures and Pawel Kuskowski from Coinfirm for an exclusive chat on what it takes to succeed when it comes to attract blockchain investments.

1h10 – 1h15 Closing words



Life and work experiences have given Pascal Bouvier an unmatched vantage point, seeing things as both venture capitalist and entrepreneur. He currently is a Managing Partner with MiddleGame Ventures, a fintech venture firm which he co-founded. Previously, Pascal co-founded the RegTech Lab, the Nadifin Fintech Accelerator and was a Venture Partner with Santander Innoventures – Santander Group’s Global Fintech fund – and a General Partner with  Route 66 Ventures where he built the firm’s venture arm into a top 20 global fintech investor. Pascal puts his experience to work managing early and late stage equity investments (VC/PE). This perspective and his knowledge of banking, financial services and software services have made Pascal a true innovator in the VC arena. His current focus is on emerging and high-growth FinServ and FinTech companies in consensus ledger technology (his term for blockchain and distributed ledger technology), banking as a platform, insurance, and AI applied to the financial services industry in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

Ms Pauline Brunel is Investment Manager at BlackFin Capital Partners, Fintech focused Venture Capital fund, leading Seed – Series B rounds across Europe. She also board member of “Time for the Planet” a non-profit using entrepreneurship to fight global climate change. Previously, Pauline was Senior Associate at Impression Ventures, a Fintech focused Venture Capital fund, leading Seed/ Series A rounds across North America and was Co-Founder and Co-Chair of Co-Founder and & Co-Chair of “Women in VC Canada”.

Pawel Kuskowski is the Co-Founder and CEO of Coinfirm. Paweł is a recognized authority on compliance issues in the cryptocurrency space. He is an ex-Global Head of AML of Royal Bank of Scotland, and earlier had a similar role at UBS. Pawel’s an expert in compliance and anti-money laundering (AML), with extensive experience conducting globalprojects for international financial institutions and working with supervisory authorities. He’s a sought-after speaker who has appeared at top industry conferences including COMPLY2018 in New York, TokenMarket Gibraltar and StartupGrind Europe; He’s views are regularly featured in media such as Bloomberg, City AM or Financial times, he was profiled by Forbes and is a regular contributor there. He is also the Chairman of the Compliance Association of Poland and a member of the advisory board of the International Compliance Association.

Max Mersch is our General Partner at Fabric Ventures. He spends his time looking at new investment opportunities, sits on the IC, and helps portfolio teams with things like network design and token economics. Max also looks after a number of Fabric portfolio projects, including Casa, Keep Network, Staked, Ramp Network, Oscoin, and OpenZeppelin. You can read his recent posts on Web 3.0 Business Models, An Entrepreneurial Investor’s Take on the Utility of Tokens Beyond Payment, and his thoughts on rising Surveillance States.

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