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April 2 @ 12:00 pm - 1:15 pm


The Rise of AI in Asset & Wealth Management

From cutting-edge automation to AI-driven investment strategies

London, Luxembourg, Monaco

With our first Industry Showcase series, we focus on how Artificial Intelligence is impacting and augmenting financial services from the banking and wealth management industry to the insurance sector. Our “AI Spotlight Series” introduces you to Industry Leaders and high-end entrepreneurs from different geographies for a best-practice guide on applying the latest AI to your financial services processes.


12h00 – 12h35 PM – Panel Discussion – The Rise of AI in Asset & Wealth Management 


moderated by Dr. Dimitrios Kampas, Data & Analytics Lead – Lighthouse, Center of Excellence at KPMG Luxembourg.

During the panel discussion and workshop sessions, we will explore how AI-fueled investment strategies and innovative SaaS solutions are changing the rules for succeeding in today’s competitive wealth and asset management landscape.

You’ll learn about:

  • How actionable investment strategies based on state-of-the-art AI and behavioral finance are drastically enhancing investment decision processes
  • How cloud-based SaaS solutions powered by machine learning are transforming middle and back-office efficiencies
  • The latest skills to acquire in AI as an executive, investor, and senior manager to compete and stay ahead

12h35 – 12h40 PM – Q&A with the audience

12h40 PM – 1h10 PM (two workshops to choose from)

Workshop 1: AI-backed Decision-Making in Investment Committees with Dr. Markus Schuller, CEO of Panthera Solutions

Investment committees are well-established decision-making bodies. They are expected to enrich the competencies of their participants in order to make the most informed investment decisions. Instead, they often get exposed to group biases, conflicts, and formalities, leading to suboptimal investment decisions. Learn how to configure an investment committee to achieve the most evidence-based decisions. Also, how can Artificial Intelligence contribute to improving the decision quality of Human Intelligence gathered in such a committee?

Workshop 2: The Win-Win Opportunity of AI-Driven Investing with Yvonne Pichert, Senior Vice President of Business Development at mdotm

Today, AI is successfully used across many industries. Financial markets are no different, as AI has been proven to be a powerful tool to catch the signal in the noise of data and deliver consistent investment results that are coherent with the investors’ expectations. In this sense, AI is a game-changer technology able to remove human biases from the investment process whilst adapting to market changes. During the workshop, we will talk about how AI creates value for asset managers, institutional clients (e.g. banks, wealth, and asset managers), and end-clients and how the role of humans is fundamental to build reliable and robust investment strategies.

COMING UP THIS WEEK! – The 360° of Product Design – Masterclass Series – 3rd and closing episode

UP NEXT! – The All-In-One Future Skills & Career Day

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