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December 13 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

The opportunities of Open Banking in 2020


Following Open Banking principles in line with PSD2, European banks and fintechs are embracing new digital strategies in an ongoing process of innovation.

During the interactive workshop you will learn about:

  • High-end workflow processes and state-of-the-art development tools;
  • How customers can develop innovative services on secure and standardized platforms;
  • And Open Banking Opportunities to seize in 2020.

Meet the speaker

Anne-Sophie is in charge of the business development of the LuxHub API Marketplace, a meeting point for Fin/RegTechs & Financial Institutions. Before joining LuxHub, Anne-Sophie has been practicing as a lawyer in the IT/data protection and regulatory fields and has in this context been working with the different stakeholders of the Open Banking ecosystem.

Meet our innovator

LuxHub is born by putting together the banking knowledge with the agility of a start-up. Its purpose is to help the entire digital ecosystem to take advantage of the challenges and opportunities of Open Banking related initiatives. To do so, LUXHUB first developed an XS2A interface to help banks and e-money institutions in their PSD2 compliance journey and became in this context one of the leading European Open Banking Hub. Followed closely the launch of LUXHUB One API, which is an integration layer giving access to any bank via a unified API for aggregation purposes. Last, but not least, LUXHUB is building a one-stop-shop financial API Marketplace.

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