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The Business Angel Guide From Getting Noticed to Closing 

THE 360° OF FUNDRAISING – Discover the full value chain of fundraising in Luxembourg

The Business Angel guide from getting noticed to closing

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Accessing capital has never been that easy, however many entrepreneurs simply fail to connect the dots when reaching out to private investors, by missing out on simple ingredients to get noticed, closing a deal and managing a relationship with business angels long-term.

Do you have a project or startup? Do you need to raise capital? Would you like to know how to get it?

If you’ve checked those boxes, join us next week on Wednesday, 27th at 12h00 and interact with 4 exceptional investors, board members and serial-entrepreneurs who are walking the talk.


12h00 – 12h35 PM 

  1. “Meet LBAN – The Luxembourg Business Angel Network – An introduction” by Diane Tea, Vice-President and Elias Chbeir, Board of Directors.
  2. “Learn from successful serial-entrepreneurs on what to expect when entering a relationship with Business Angels” with Denis Avrilionis, Founder of Compellio and Frederic Stiernon, Founder and CEO of CarPay-Diem.

12h35 – 12h40 PM

Validate your knowledge by taking part in the live quiz. Top scoring participants will be mentioned.

12h40 – 1h15 PM

Interact with our enablers. You’ll be able to enter the breakout rooms and engage with our speakers on 2 topics:

  1. HOW TO PITCH TO BUSINESS ANGELS – Get the best-practice guide on what to avoid and go for to successfully closing a first deal with Diane TEA & Elias CHBEIR
  2. MANAGING EXPECTATIONS & FINANCING ROUNDS LONG TERM – “From convincing financial planning” to “What business angels won’t tell you” Learn how to manage your long-term expectations and relationships with multiple private investors and shareholders with Denis AVRILIONIS & Frederic STIERNON.


With 20 years of international professional experience, having held various types of roles, from technical to commercial, having lived and worked in many countries (various places in Europe, US & Singapore), Diane Tea has built a strong international business acumen and a vast network of connections in different industries, companies and countries. With a Master’s Degree in Information Technology Engineering and a natural passion for Technology and Innovation, she spent the first 10 years in Technology before moving to various business roles in Technology Procurement and Technology Innovation. She is a INSEAD certified Director and currently serves as a Board Director in different organisations. She is also a Tech Investor in her spare time.

Elias CHBEIR is a hands-on leader that can understand business objectives, translate them into a fit-for-purpose strategy and then manage their implementation into adequate solutions. He created his own company in 2018 “ELIAS Luxembourg” to support small and medium sized companies in their digital transformation strategies and projects. Elias is also a board member in start-ups where he actively contributes into their growth, whether through his leadership skills and experience or by engaging them within his large network in Luxembourg. Elias is also part of LBAN – Luxembourg Business Angels Network. Last but not least, Elias is an occasional speaker in conferences around Europe (Berlin, London…).

Frederic STIERNON is one of the finest entrepreneurs in Luxembourg with an in-depth expertise in Fintech, Payments and Automotive. His latest venture CarPay-Diem is an award-winning firm allowing any mobile app or connected car to activiate any fuel pump and manage the payment form inside the car. He’s also member of the Board of Directors at Coinplus and is former Head of Strategic Accounts at Flashiz.

Denis AVRILIONIS has been active as an entrepreneur since 2001. He combines his computer science and engineering background with the latest methodologies on business modeling and validation to support fact-based entrepreneurship. He is passionate about people working to create new businesses, especially young researchers willing to transfer their inventions to the market. Together with his team of experts, he develops tools to support new business ideas emerge and thrive. Denis is actively involved in academic, governmental and private sector programs aiming at supporting and promoting entrepreneurship. He is particularly interested in socially impacting entrepreneurship projects. He is a member of the Luxembourg Business Angel Network (LBAN) and an associate member of the European Business Angel Network (EBAN).




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