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April 23 @ 12:00 pm - 1:15 pm


With our first industry showcase series, we focus on how Artificial Intelligence is impacting and augmenting financial services from the banking and wealth management industry to the insurance sector. Our “AI Spotlight Series” introduces you to Industry Leaders and high-end entrepreneurs from different geographies for a best-practice guide on applying the latest AI to financial services processes.


12h00 – 12h35 PM – Panel Discussion – INSURANCE 4.0!


moderated by Alessia Bonanno, Country Manager of BTO Research

During the panel discussion, we’ll explore how insurers and carriers remain competitive by deploying cutting-edge AI.

We’ll focus on:

  1. The impact of enhanced data-driven insurance opportunities reaching beyond fully connected devices
  2. The rise of AI-backed Robo advisors shaping insurance underwriting process and pricing 
  3. The standards to set for 2030, today!

12h35 – 12h40 PM – Quiz Session: If you’ve paid attention you’ll be able to score high

Top 3 scores will be displayed and 1st scoring player able to introduce himself! Fingers crossed

12h40 PM – 1h10 PM (two workshops to choose from)

Workshop 1: Towards data-driven insurance for connected vehicles with German Castignani, CEO & Co-Founder of Motion-S

 In less than 30 minutes you’ll learn about the opportunities of launching connected products without technological overhead in a fully privacy-preserving mode. Introduction & use-case

Workshop 2: Artificial intelligence for risk management and asset allocation with Hala Najmeddine, Quantitative Researcher at AAA

In this workshop, Hala will discuss use-cases  conducted by Active Asset Allocation since 2010:

  • the stochastic design of risk-based dynamic allocation algorithms with the help of Genetic Algorithms,
  • the optimization of strategic asset allocations based on the chances of success of an investment objective using a Global Optimization technique under constraints,
  • the anticipation of market crises using Supervised Learning algorithms.

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