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September 25 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Strategy of Innovation: How To Define a Clear Strategy in Uncertain Times


In a world in constant (r)evolution, from technological disruptions to economic uncertainty, companies need more than ever to have a clear vision and an adapted strategic approach for their innovation effort in such a turbulent context.

But most classical models for strategy making become irrelevant and don’t provide sufficient “agility” for a company to adapt to its highly turbulent and uncertain environments, even more, important to be ahead of the game. So, what are the tools and proven approaches to defining a clear and winning strategy nowadays? How to identify and seize the right opportunities in a world of technological acceleration, social changes, environmental concerns, economic uncertainties, and global health issues where there are many noises and less clear signals?

Professor in Business Strategy, author and international lecturer, Kamal Bouzinab will share the best strategy frameworks and the best practices from today’s business leaders. He will share his view on the importance of Dynamic capabilities, Foresight, and scenario planning in the innovation process.

Beyond the frameworks and the discussion of various cases, it will be a fascinating session where participants can interact with an international expert in business strategy.


  1. Introduction to Strategy in times of uncertainty and turbulence
  2. Frameworks and use cases
  3. Q&A

Speaker’s Biography

Doctor in Business Strategy, Kamal Bouzinab is a full professor of Strategy at the University of Quebec in Montreal, since 2009. He’s also the Director of the Executive MBA Program (EMBA) and former Director of the department of Strategy, Social and Environmental Responsibility. Expert in Corporate Strategy, Governance, Dynamic capabilities and strategic scenario planning, his research focuses on the role of boards of directors in the formation of the strategy, the impact of dynamic capacities and their micro-foundations on strategic innovation and value creation.

He is a co-founder and executive committee member of the Research Group on Strategic Innovation and Governance (GRISG). In 2006, he received the 1st prize in Quebec for his work on innovative practices in corporate governance in the 21 st century, awarded by the consulting firm Mckinsey and Company and the Institute of Corporate Directors (IAS). Before joining the academic world, he worked for more than 15 years for international groups as Vice President of Business Development, director of finance or senior consultant. His experiences have allowed him to develop in-depth knowledge in different industries such as transport, logistics, agri-food, biotechnology, health services and financial services.

Beside teaching Business Strategy and Strategic Intelligence to the Executive MBA and Ph. D. programs at ESG-UQAM, Kamal is a visiting professor in Business Strategy at the Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola, in Peru, at the Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí, in Mexico, at the Bucharest business School in Romania and at La Rochelle Business School, in France.


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