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September 10 @ 10:30 am - September 11 @ 11:30 pm

Stepup – a festival of sustainable finance by mattrvest


STEPUP: a festival to celebrate sustainable finance and the changemakers enabling it!


A 2-day virtual festival that brings change-makers, corporates, bankers and policy makers, together to work towards the common goal of making sustainable finance mainstream!

Join LHoFT Member Mattrvest for a 2 day extravaganza workshops, debates, discussions, and competitions around sustainable finance.

Learn and interact with experts during our panels, workshops, round table discussions and take your first step towards making your money sustainable.

And that’s not it, we will also enable you to take actions during the festival, whether it is about finding the right financial advice or joining campaigns around sustainable finance.


Let’s face it, despite the progress made on sustainable development goals, we are 10 years away from achieving the targets and well it’s not on track. It’s time for all of us to STEPUP the pace for sustainable development.

There is a need to accelerate this change and it has been established that making our money sustainable can have up to 27x more positive impact on the planet than switching to more sustainable consumption choices.

What exactly does make your money sustainable mean? Can we make our money grow while being sustainable? How do I get started?

If these questions interest you, come join us for the virtual festival. Our team at mattrvest, came with the concept of stepup to empower to get started with your journey to make your money sustainable. Understand various concepts, myths and trends in the field of sustainable finance and take your first steps towards making your impact on our planet with your money.


Your ticket gives you access to all the panels, workshops and Idea lab pitches.

mattrvest helps you to learn, plan, save and invest in what matters to you. The team at mattrvest works with various ecosystem partners and looks to empower the youth by helping them make better and sustainable financial decisions.

Visit mattrvest.com to learn more.

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