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October 18 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Security Assessment for Startups


Aligned with the Cybersecurity Week in Luxembourg, the LHoFT invites you to the Masterclass on “Security Assessment for Startups” where you will learn from top executives and thought leaders how bullet-proof cybersecurity leads to customer acquisition, attracting investors and how Hacknowledge can help you achieving those goals.

Three speakers, one takeaways:

  • Because prevention is better than cure, Barbara Terra will start with showcasing how basic security assessments offered by Hacknowledge (Cybersecurity Solution of the Year 2018, Information Security Award of the Year 2019) is able to assure and solidify your startup’s security.
  • SMILE (Security Made in Luxembourg) CEO, Pascal Steichen, will explain why the Luxembourg Government is supporting the initiative which aims at standardizing a security testing protocol dedicated to startups.
  • Finally, Laurent Denayer, CEO of UME, will conclude with a return on experience on how a successful penetration test allowed him to get new customers.

“Let’s be honest, IT security is rarely a priority, especially for startups…Unfortunately, being victim of an attack is not only reserved to large companies. And for a startup, a security incident can be fatal. Come and find out more about “offensive security”, may it be for your own peace of mind, for compliance purposes, or to attract investors and customers.”

Barbara Terra, Commercial Director of Hacknowledge

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