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February 11 @ 10:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Proving Security Effectiveness to Your CISO, CFO and Board

About this webinar

Investments in cyber security have rapidly increased in recent years, yet high-profile breaches continue to make headlines, and the economic and financial losses stemming from these breaches continue to grow. Combined with economic pressures and extensive remote workforces, CISOs and CFOs must now work together to understand where to cut spending without adding risk. But without proper security validation and assessment tools that can credibly quantify risks in dollar terms, this becomes an impossible task.

Attend this webinar to :

• Learn how to fully validate your organization’s cyber health and measure its impact on the company’s financial posture and market performance Determine your organization’s risk profile, the financial impact of cyber performance and communicate about risk in dollar-based terms
• Discover how mismanagement, underutilization and duplication of security controls drive up costs that increase as they flow through the organization
• Learn how a bottom-up approach to security validation combined with a top-down market-validated risk assessment increases ROI of your security investments

Expert Speakers :

Earl Matthews, Maj Gen, (Ret), V.P. of Strategy, Mandiant Security Validation
Ryan Dodd, Founder and CEO, Cyberhedge

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