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October 30 @ 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Money can’t buy you love!


Finding funding is stressful and raising capital can be a full-time job. At the LHoFT, we want to help you all the way. That’s the reason why we put together a series of workshops dedicated to funding with the insights of the best experts and practitioners.

During this exclusive workshop with one of the best in the game, you will learn how to manage your relationship with your investors. A special focus will be put on VCs and what to expect from them in terms of financial and human capital support from the initial investment to the exit.

Patrick Van de Mosselaer – Founding Partner at Tioga Capital Partners. Experienced founder & start up/scale up CEO loving growth. Early stage investor.

Headquartered in Europe and with a strong presence in the Silicon Valley, Tioga Capital Partners provide a diversified exposure to the asset class through a long-term strategy including both crypto assets and equity positions.

Their deep technical expertise combined with investment, legal, and entrepreneurial experience allows them to be value-added partners to the teams behind the opportunities they source through our “grassroots network” across the industry.

With compliance and security at the highest standard, they provide an institutional-grade investment vehicle out of Luxembourg supported by a best-in-class fund ecosystem.

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