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June 10 @ 12:00 pm

LHoFT Webinar : The acceleration of Cloud Computing in the midst of Covid19 & the day after


Join us on Wednesday 10th of June at 12.00 PM for an exclusive webinar on “the acceleration of Cloud Computing in the midst of Covid19 & the day after: Why the right cloud adoption matters, now, more than ever” with Audric Lhoas, Cloud Evangelist and Product Manager at Telindus Luxembourg.


With the COVID-19 crisis unfolding, enterprises are asking whether they have adopted the right cloud computing models for their business’s processes and whether these will have to change rapidly in a post-pandemic environment. There are convincing business cases for using public, private or hybrid cloud models under normal trading conditions. But now, in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, your choice might impact your company’s long-term sustainability and profitability.

Agenda & Learning Outcomes:

Learn about which cloud platform you should deploy to gain maximum advantage and future-proof your startup, SME and incumbent in a regulated environment.

With Audric you will explore the advantages and pitfalls of three main cloud structures in the current and post-pandemic context.

  • Should you further your expansion of use of your public cloud?
  • Should you Invest on building private clouds?
  • Should you shift hybrid cloud balance and how?

A view on the future of cloud computing? 

Learn more about  Audric Lhoas

“Audric has always been passionate by new technologies and has been promoting and introducing companies to public cloud solutions for almost 7 years. In 2013, after graduating in information technology and working in Italy as research scientist within the domain of green computing, he joins a company as Project Manager and specializes within cloud computing. End of 2017, after working for 2 years in the US helping to transform large US-based telecom operators, he joins Proximus Luxembourg as Product Manager to work on the creation of cloud products for Proximus’ Luxembourgish customers and help the company adopt public cloud.”

Learn more about Telindus Luxembourg 

Founded in 1979, Telindus Luxembourg supports all companies and public administrations in their digital transformation by providing them with holistic ICT and telecom solutions as well as tailor-made support services.

Its areas of expertise include fixed and mobile telecommunications, ICT infrastructure, multicloud, Fintech solutions, cybersecurity and managed services. Through its Training Institute, Telindus addresses all of its customers’ challenges and enables professionals to remain at the forefront of best practices and ICT technologies.

Telindus SA has changed its name since January 1st, 2019 to become Proximus Luxembourg SA (legal entity) but continues to use its trademark Telindus to address its activities in relation to business customers (EBU / B2B).

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