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June 5 @ 12:00 pm

LHoFT Webinar : A new Geopolitical Landscape and Global Opportunities to seize post-Covid19


LHoFT Webinar : A new Geopolitical Landscape and Global Opportunities to seize post-Covid19 with Roberto De Primis, CEO of EURintelligence, a geopolitical risk and risk management consulting group,15+ years in Governmental affairs & Academics (Sorbonne Paris).

Gino Zabeo, VP & Director at Vistra, 10+ years of experience in supporting high-tech SMEs with their international expansion strategies

Friday, June 5th from 12h00 and 12h45

Context & Agenda

Nations and organisations across the world are getting to grips with their responses to COVID-19. While lockdowns, contingency plans, supply chain disruption and market volatility continue to make headlines, a novel COVID-19 pandemic would also be likely to have significant implications for geopolitics and international affairs and commerce. During the webinar, we’ll discuss the geopolitical implications and risks stemming from the Covid-19 crisis and how to conduct international business with emphasis on Europe, USA, and Asia.


Part 1 with Roberto de Primis, CEO of EURintelligence

Is COVID-19 a Geopolitical Game-Changer?

  • The current wave: what we know and how long will it last?
  • The restart: a new world ahead?
  • The geopolitical risks and opportunities ahead: are we on the brink of a new cold (and trade) war?

Part 2: with Gino Zabeo, VP at Vistra

A user guide with  top priorities and challenges for SMEs and corporate leaders that are looking to expand internationally in the context of Covid19

  • Essential aspects of cross-border operations executives can’t afford to overlook
  • What to keep in mind about compliance requirements, including economic substance laws in the target countries
  • How to determine whether a legal entity rationalization is a right choice for your company

Part 3: Pick Roberto’s and Gino’s brain during the open Q&A

Our speakers: Roberto De Primis, CEO of EURintelligence

Roberto De Primis, CEO of EURintelligence, a geopolitical risk and risk management consulting group based in Brussels. After almost 20 years of professional experience in the Belgian Government, the European Parliament and the United Nations in New York, Roberto created his Consulting group in order to better advise and protect companies’ interests around the world and help them grow internationally. Eurintelligence works into a wide range of business sectors such as finance, pharma, hospitality, defense and trade associations. The cabinet provides geopolitical advice and threats analysis, risk management services, risk country analysis and public affairs campaigns. Roberto is also Visiting Lecturer at the Sorbonne University in Paris & invited researcher at the University of Québec in Montréal.  On top of that, Roberto is an invited expert for televisions and radio about international relations issues.

—— Medium 1 / Medium 2

Gino Zabeo, VP & Director at Vistra

Gino has 9 years of experience with Vistra as VP of Client Services, during which he managed a significant portfolio of clients comprising US based companies at the forefront of medical, science and high tech innovation. Gino graduated with a first class degree in Economics at the University of Verona in Italy. Gino qualified with PwC as a Chartered Accountant in the UK and as a Commercialista and Revisore Contabile in Italy and worked in audit and assurance both in the UK and in Italy. Before joining our Vistra Bristol office in the UK, Gino held positions as Financial Controller and Finance Director in private groups in Italy. Gino has 3 teenage boys, lives in the UK and is a keen 100 miles ultra runner. —– Medium 1

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