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July 3 @ 12:00 pm

LHoFT & KPMG Webinar: Building an Innovation Culture


Building an innovation culture : Ways to inspire cultural change and embrace innovation

Alice Danoy, Khube Leader, KPMG Luxembourg

Sabrina Bonnet, Senior Manager, People & Change, KPMG Luxembourg

Change is imperative. Yet many financial organizations’ large-scale transformation initiatives meet with setbacks, delays and even failure. Those that succeed are soon confronted with a painful truth: they are not leapfrogging.

At best, transformation can put these organizations on par with their newer, more nimble competitors. As the pace of change continues to accelerate, organizations across the financial services industry are seeking the way forward. Financial institutions must create the agility and digital capacity to compete with the start-ups and hyperscales encroaching on the financial sector to achieve long-term success — but how?

There are three steps to achieving success in the innovation space. During the webinar Alice and Sabrina will share with you KPMG’s best practices on how to:

  • Build an innovation culture – Leadership & inspiration
  • Build innovative solutions in collaboration with the business – the importance of cross functional collaboration
  • See employees and customers as a R&D department – Crowdsource employee insight and solutions

All three of these steps are necessary, but they must be worked through in order to achieve success. Culture, therefore, is the foundation upon which all successful innovation must be built — and it is in the development of innovation culture where many financial institutions go awry.

Speakers Bios

Alice has more than 12 years of experience in communication and innovation. She is in charge of the Khube (KPMG Luxembourg’s Hub for Entrepreneurship and Innovation), KPMG innovation practice. She is linking the Fintech and corporate ecosystems of Luxembourg and beyond. Alice currently leads innovation strategy projects for clients in the financial industry; helping them finding innovative solutions and new business model to stay competitive.

Sabrina has almost 20 years of experience in Human Resources in Luxembourg. Before joining KPMG, Sabrina started her career as Senior Payroll Administrator during 5 years to join a fund administration company as Human Resources Services Manager for 8 years afterwards. Her team was in charge of providing services (HR administration, payroll, benefits management) in different countries in Continental Europe. Sabrina currently leads the People and change team and human resources projects with a focus on strategy, HR processes and remuneration surveys.

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